1)  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, God of Divine ark, Every elemental spirit that knows better than I do about my destiny from my lineage. It is written, that I must not be equally yoked with my forefathers 2nd Corinthians 6 vs 14. I turn you upside down. Die IJN

2) Father in the mighty name of Jesus, God of prophet Olumuyidele, You that elemental woman that has a blood covenant of marriage, I divorce you by the reason of the utterances of Almighty God in the book of Psalm 18.

3) In the mighty name of Jesus, Spirit of the Prophet, your mother comfort in the occultic realm, Ogboni fraternity. You are born to discomfort me and make your member comfortable. Tonight is your last night. Die IJN

4) God of DASAGOM, holy ghost fire, You image candle of twins assigned to demarcate me from my progress and make me friendly with failure. By the power that separated the day from the night. I come out of you today IJN Genesis 1 vs 4.






5) Enchantment, Incantations, irrevocable and irreversible curse. I stand on the platform of Almighty Christ, all other ground is sinking ground, according to the promise of God in the book of Isaiah 42 vs 18. I held unto your words, all the confederation of all of them put together. Heaven swallows them by thunder. Let them not have an abode in my life as their foundation becomes desolate. I forge ahead. IJN.

6) Father in the mighty name of Jesus, God of prophet Olumuyidele, you that ancient woman of Babylonian living in the four corners of the wall of my apartment. I have no power of my own to dethrone you. By the power of the holy ghost, you are dethroned. Die  IJN

7) I bath and drink out of the blood of Jesus. Every effigy that answers my name. The life that is talking in you. I dislodge it. Go to the Atlantic ocean and die. IJN.




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