Introduction: As the Christian Confederate to destroy the kingdom of Darkness, so also the kingdom of Darkness stand as a crusader to evangelize the Christian into their kingdom. The Agony of a determined Christian. I don’t believe in the philosophical reasoning of been born again but I believe in the efficacy of total surrender. When a Christian is passing through an angonising moment, especially those of us that are ministers of God. The case is worse than official hazard, seems as if we were not called.  

I remembered when I was in four square gospel ministry, I was to minister in a Vigil. About an hour for me to mount the Altar. I saw ministers of God gathering and weeping within the crowd that my daughter is dead. Immediately I ran to the clinic, I saw my daughter’s lifeless body on the hospital bed. Then i removed the hospital white linen cloth and put my right leg on the bed . Then I said God of one hour you did not call me to disgrace me. After the prayer she woke up. I changed her name to OluwaTosin which means God is worthy to be served. Not all ministers is as lucky as that. Often Satan took away their love ones so they can be mentally derail from their souls winning assignment and make the journey unbearable. 

Presently myself and my convert are worshiping under an open space without a building. Frustration to the highest order so you can go diabolical. Christian we need to stand and fight a great course. 

It’s often Opulence that when economic crises, hunger in progress dominated and saturated the ministry. Which is one of the strategy to demoralized the members from serving the real God so that the minister can go diabolical and become rich within 2yrs. You as a Christian, there is every need to ask why me? But remember if not believers who else Job 1 vs 6-9.

The affliction of believers. If not believers who else. Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities. The world was full of good and bad. It is appointed for a man to choose who he will serve. It is possible for God to destroy the whole heritage of Satan but when you take a critical look at the World, you will find out that if not for the presence of Satan, it would have been very very difficult to differentiate those serving him from those serving Satan. Satan is a chain of distribution that detonate the entire enthusiasm of man in following God.

It has become a phenomenon in Christian circle today that is  community of saint when the weather is cloudy. The voice of a believer when passing through traumatic period..why me? Psalm 34 vs 19.

Christians have forgotten that the world is a competitive field, for God to see the ability or inability of man to stand the test of time 2nd Kings 6 vs 26-30.

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