Extremist, fundamentalist, fanatics, they are the cause of commotion and disorderliness in Christian and Islamic religion today.  The two religion acceptable to God is Christianity and Islamic religion. The unacceptable religion unto God are the idolatry worshipers which they too find their source from eledumarre   means ‘gods’ . Their level of divination centered on one thousand pages of Ifa Oracle( gods of divination). Orunmila means only God knows those that will succeed. The heaven frown against their practice according to the word of God in the book of psalm 16 saying ‘He would multiply the sorrows of those that run after other gods’ .

Christianity and Islamic religion has a root from the same source know as the almighty God also know as almighty Allah in Islamic religion. The Genesis of the promise child made Abraham to sleep with his maiden servant Haggai and gave birth to Ishmael. Which becomes an ordinances in Islamic religion today. The great sacrifice. Christianity emanate from the first century through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet, the word of God came to pass Genesis 15, Romans 8, Romans 9. The unborn promised child turn to reality through the birth of Isaac. Christianity  came to limelight when a Jewish teacher was born from a roman Jewish province. Jesus Christ of Nazareth his a teacher and a healer.



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