Introduction: The two are the machinery that the third head in heaven put in place to actualize the vision. In creation, the utterances of God were perfected by the third head which is the spirit. God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Lord said let there be light, is an authoritative statement from almighty God and there was light. The spirit was hovering upon the deep to made what the Lord has said perfect at the exact time the statement was made. Gen 1 vs 25-26.


In creation, God started with time and he ended up the 1st generation by time called the Noahaic age. God vowed that he will no longer destroy the world with water again. In Hebrew, language time is known as chronometer from Noahaic age down to Adamic age. God created the world, he is an organized God. He made available resources that will enhance the performance of a man on Earth Genesis 1 vs 1-7.

Before God created man, he said let us create man in our own image, he is a busy God, he is not just sitting down in heaven after creation. He knows man must manage the world. In the school of realism it is widely believed that when God assemble man, he package man to dominate his generation. God does everything according to time. The managerial skill of God has no equal both in heaven & Earth. He so much organized the world, that the world was been controlled by heaven. The control power of the world is in the hand of God.

God was so conscious of time that he ruled every generation with an event and the event gave birth to every dispensation on Earth through heavenly control. Case study- God covenant with Noah Genesis 9 vs 8-11.

In the generation of Isaiah & Jeremiah most of their messages that God pass through them to humanity were based on time, that he partitions the world according to time. In King Solomon analyses according to the book of Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1-3, he said, that everything under the heaven was created for a purpose. Failure of a man to work and make a change as home changes will earn him nothing under the sun. Our effort becomes fruitful the more we glorified God in every situation. There is time to laugh, celebrate, and a time to mourn.

As time is moving, if man’s life is not changing, it becomes the life of frustration, life becomes plain and nonsensical. Man’s effort becomes fruitful on Earth. A life without impact. What a meaningless life. Unlike our fore fathers, they could not manage their time effectively, their level of frivolously is nothing to be compared to. When they need to serve God, they were busy sacrificing to idle gods; vanity upon vanity, hence they could not affect their generation. In the 16th century, the Portuguese, American, Britain they penetrate unto the Africa coast to enslave our forefathers before the Berlin conference of 18c, Africa was so backward because they refused to manage their time effectively.

No Innovation, scientific discovery, abject poverty is the order of the day Jeremiah 10 vs 1-5.

The struggle of a child begins at birth, Life is full of ups and downs. Life is governed with time, ye time changes but God is not moving. Time gave birth to two sides of life; Life can frown; life can smile. Man must move on as time. What a dynamic world. Failure to move on as time changes, the end product is living in the past. Some people are left behind today not because God is not listening to prayers, supplication but idleness is the enemy of God. In the school of knowledge, Solomon proves it beyond a reasonable doubt that what is the benefit of a man that spent 100 yrs in this world who could not get a befitting burial. Ecclesiastes 6 vs 3.

In order to defeat our world and conquer our generation so that we can become an achiever. We need to work towards the precipitant factors of elevation according to our G.O in his analytical analysis he said:  Glory gave birth to destiny- destiny gave birth to vision, the inheritance if vision is the focus, the end result of focus is direction; direction gave birth to destination and all have to do with time.

Case study: Abraham and God. When God called Abraham out of the land of Haram and single him out of his people. He did not delay; the Bible recorded that he harken to the voice of God instantly Genesis 12 vs 1- 3.



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