Vow is irreversible. It is an agreement between two parties base on obligation to be fufilled by the two parties either inferior party or superior.

DEFINITION: Vow can be defined as an irrevocable agreement sealed by contractual obligations which is irreversible under any circumstances by the two parties ( see judges, Numbers 23 vs 17).

Vow is stronger than convenant, it involves swearing. Vow gave birth to convenant and other strong contract by the reason of blood, that is blood entanglement.


*VOW ARE IRREVOCABLE:  If goes are irrevocable. Jeptha might have given God an animal blood or blood of a slave to save his only daughter’s life . He could not because is an agreement, if disobeyed he can make God to wipe away the entire generation of the Isrealite. Vow is irrevocable. It is a determinant factor to settle issues between Man and God Judges 11 vs 30, Numbers 23 vs 19.

* VOW OF SEPARATION: As christain, vow of separation is part of our total surrender unto Christ that is a situation where by a dog must not go back to his vomit. When you vow that you are going to separate your child for God make sure that is actionable persee. 

When you break a vow of separation is like you are raising a standard against God and God will never fold his hands at such an ugly situation. God will not take it lightly. Numbers 6 vs 9-12.

Case-study: Rechabites family. They never dwell in their personal house or any house built by man. 

They obey the vow that their father have  established over the years that they will continue to dwell in the terbanacle of Almighty God. God use them as a message to the isrealite in the days of prophet Jeremiah that if Rechabite children can obey the instruction their father from generation to generation, how much more the isrealite.

* VOW MOVES QUICKLY THE HANDS OF GOD: ( 1st Samuel 1 vs 12- 17)

Case study:( Hannah and God ) she said if God can give me a child I will bring the child to your house until his weened and the child shall be a servant of God and dwell in the house of God all the days of his life. So Hannah move the hand of God to bless her womb “Neither Hannah nor God breaks part of the agreement. God do not deviate from fulfilling his promise according to the agreement between the two parties. God is a superior why Hannah is Inferior party. It proves his superiority at the right time according to the vow and Hannah womb was blessed.

Another case-study: God & man after the flood. He vow never go destroy the world with water again. Since that dispensation till present day generation God keeps his convenant with man. 

Case study: Abraham said after calling the senior servant that the promise child Isaac must marry from the Canannites. Isaac should marry from his own people. By the reason of that vow at the well side, the senior servant is able to discover Rebecca by calling the God of his master Abraham instantly God manifest himself.

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