The meaning of unimaginable in relationship to the topic: Unimaginable can be defined as things in the physical nor abstract that goes beyond imagination visuals. The reason why experience on Earth as a Christian must be cross examined Spiritually when it goes beyond ordinary.

In our life assignment, according to what God has given to us on Earth at times there is a popular say that says man propose God dispose because many at times the unexpected happens all we need to do is to stand firm on the platform of Almighty Christ. No matter the criticism & attack in DASAGOM we see it as challenges. Our prayer is that what we are not expecting should not come and destroy our expectations in life. 

Atimes in another school of thought, when all the imaginable happening happens they will say it’s from God many times operation “let thy will be done”. The topic will expose student, Christians on how effectively one can manage the unimaginable.

THE IMAGINATION OF MAN: Life of a man is full of imaginary thought, though we were created to dominate our world. We’ve forgotten that all things were made by God and without him there is no world has its rightly said in Hosea 3 vs 4 . The Israelites did not know that there will be no king nor sacrifice nor image because God wants them to ameliorate their ways in Hosea 3 vs 5 to they came back to their creator, the Lord of host accept them back and remarry their ways. Things began to change on their sides.Man’s life is saddled with positive and negative thoughts. The unimaginary activities of man will be tailored towards what they want to form or on collective responsibilities. Imagination of man is loaded with goals. When there is accident in the journey..we cried ‘why me?’ .The spirit controls the physical but Almighty God knows the end result before the start. No wonder we call him alpha and Omega John 5 vs 1- 8. God established himself above the intelligence of man according to his words in the book of 1st Corinthians 3 vs 19.

 MIRACLE OF MANS LIFE ASSIGNMENT: man is not an accident. We were made for a purpose, we were given domineering power to dominate and control our world under supervision of God. Genesis 1vs 26, Ecclesiastes 4 vs 1-2. The miracle of the story of our life is what Solomon demonstrated in the book of Ecclesiastes 4 vs 1-2. That is those that have glory and power but 60% of them may not be oppurtuned to exercise their potential and the Glory in their destiny due to accident of Life. Miracle of change for effective radical experience in other to make manifestation the work of God established beyond doubt after season of prayer. The world is dynamic and we are now in nuclear age. In this present day digital world, individuals, organizations need to give recognition to the office of a prophet in other to fulfill all righteousness. 

The heavenly race, success is not on a plater of gold, this makes the unimaginable happen often to make man to digress from purpose driven Vision. A man is planning to sell his car and establish a business but in the next 24hrs he had an accident with the same car. He sold the vehicle to pay up his hospital bills. Mark 5 vs 24, Joel 2 vs 25-27 ” ye know that I am in the midst of isreal, and that I am the Lord your God and none else and my people shall never be ashamed”. This is the supremacy of power God over all unimaginable act.

During the unimaginable experience, the uncontrollable tears of a man can also usher in positive change for greater testimonies. The Lord Jesus made it possible for an orphan to lead a Nation and you will see the daughter’s and sons of the king working as servers in the hotel. Some people glory are so cobwebed that you can no longer see the colour of their glory.. this is the handiwork of man. The disciples asked jesus ‘when we were going it’s not weed but on our way coming why is it weeds? Then Jesus Christ answered this is the handiwork of man. It takes the day to work and at night evil doers takes it as duty to diseminate their evil purpose in people’s life. Matthew 13 vs 25

Dear breakhren make sure you pray all night.


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