As the church is progressing,the members are progressing at geometric progression. Anything outside this is inimical to the glory of God.


The head and the body of the church: In this present day generation due to human personal feelings and motives, majority of Churches have digress from the ordinances and status scope in which a church is build.

Though heaven is not static, no matter the level of Anointing of the general overseer he/she is not Jesus, Jesus Christ is the head of the church by the reason the position, heaven agreed that on his name every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord. Through Jesus Christ by his mercy he chooses an ordained General Overseer of a church to represent his authority, to pass his message to the body of the church to oversee the well-being of his people. As shepherds is Lord’s of the cattle so also the general overseer is been placed as our head John 10 vs 1-7. That  is the reason why God says he is going to start his judgement right from the altar. Almighty God is the head of everything including Christ Jesus the son is in the Father and father in the son. 

However, the general Overseer passes a general information to the church called body of Christ as been lead by God.  Let’s narrow it to the following scope.

i) Direction

ii) prophecy

iii) Organization

iv) shaping individuals life towards heaven

v) The word of God is the foundation of the church.

When we look at the following factors. We need to find out that there are two people in the church as the church as the body of the church  apart from workers even among the workers that is pastors, evangelist, bishops, teachers, deacons, Reverend, doctors etc. One will adhere to the word of God, they will choose their own ways, the ones that adhere to the word of God will continue to be fruitful while the other operates at the other side of destruct Deut 28 vs 1-7.

God Of Present Generation: God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God of the old is the one that is operating this present day generation . He created all things and without him nothing was made John 1 vs 1-3 and he said unto Peter upon this will I build my church and the gate of hell will never prevail. Matthew 16 vs 18. In church planting, some are cattle , so many Churches of today have no foundation, structure, direction, destination, people are ruled in the ministry die to their own personal interest. They based their teachings on personal ulterior motives. They protect the interest of the stakeholders. If you are not among the inner carcus you cannot grow along the church. It is the responsibilities of the church that is the body of the church to work together in unity, oneness, inlove so that they can be able to affect individual life if the children and even the life of the children unborn. Some are having branches that they cannot control.

In an Ideal church setting, the general Overseer must know everybody in each sections. People should not see the ministry as pastors and workers affairs Colossians 2 vs 14. When a church is established in the name of God, the Father, the son and God the holy spirit. We need to be carried together, is not one man riot squad. we need not to assist God through oracle’s, fetish power, infidelities etc. He said I am coming to reward you according to the work of our hands Rev 22 vs 12.

The Will Of God: if the church are operating on the will of God in this Present ideal world. The world will be an ideal place to live in. It will go a long way transforming states, countries, nations to Mecca of Christians , to Galilee of the saints, new Jerusalem Rev 21 vs 2-7 but the opposite is the case. People are no more following the will of God through the spirit of Almighty God. Romans 8 vs 1-4, Colossians 1 vs 1-7. 

In a growing ministry like that of Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry(Incorporated), what can usher in the era of increase is faithful to the authority of the church by obeying the instruction based on the doctrines of the ministry so that the will of God come to pass.2nd Timothy 2 vs 7.. The will of God must supersede individuals interest.

Collective Responsibilities: Collective responsibilities based on the spirit of oneness across ethnic sentiments . 

We must not be tribalism in the house of God, we must kick against individualism and Nepotism, we must see every member as equal before God, however rich or poor or you may believe that some people are poorer or richer than you, the equilibrium part of it in order to balance the gap between the rich and the poor. The church of God also should endeavor to do things together, read the Bible together, talk, cook, talk to one another 

A worker in a local canteen that is a server has every right to discuss with an executive director of an oil industry in a church setting, we all have impact to the development of the church. No bigger tithe, no smaller tithe, we need to operate under apartheid. Unnecessary discrimination, every member of the church has equal right before God and collectively we move the church forward.



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