WHO IS GOD? : All over the world, no matter your religion nor sector that one’s belong to or where you find yourself ; it is widely accepted that adoration and recognition is given to the living God.

God known as Eledumarre, Chineke, Ubangigi, even in the idolatry quarters. It is widely believed in christaindom that Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities Colossians 2 vs 8- 10. 

The word “Almighty” means supreme that is absolute supremacy of God Almighty can not be question in the sense that he was not created by anybody and there was no scientific prove nor mechanism that fashion him or organism that emanated from either theoretically or biologically. In christain fold, he was regarded as ominipotent, ominscience. God based on the level of his signs and wonders Exodus 3 vs 14( I am that I am). The Almighty given to God was so unique, is exemplary to the extent that it brought out the broad name ‘I am that I am’ . He started his relationship with man since creation from Noahaic age to Adamic age till this present dispensation. He still remain God of the old due to his relationship with man.

* WHAT TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP SHOULD BE BETWEEN MAN & GOD: The communication between Man and God is in two ways; Upward and downward communication.

Communication: Means an act of passing information, message between two parties in a language they both understand. 

The hierarchy of God adminstration was non to be compared of in a global community today. The relationship between Man and God ought more to be cordial, depending on the perspective that individual use in relating with God psalm 18 vs 25.

The level you operate in the realm of the physical I.E understanding before God will take you to another level in the realm of the spirit. When man lack the experience that will empower him or her to experience the things of the spirit, he found it difficult to maintain a cordial relationship with God. Case- study: Joseph vs Mary. If Joseph is not well rooted in the word and fear of God with downward communication, the baby Jesus would have been a controversial child because he understands that it was God that breath into his wife in order for the wife to bring forth the child to the world. Luke 1 vs 32. ” THOU ART FAVOURED”

If a man maintain cordial relationship with God, the seal of that cordial relationship is obedient.

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