Dream is unnatural Spiritual journey that enable the spirit to control the physical. The seal and scroll of whatever transpired in realm of the spirit that will definitely manifest in the physical or futuristic ideology concerning the journey of ones life. God will use dream, vision and revelation to talk to his people even in this present digital world.

My Ethical teaching over more than a decade, my experience in spiritual world . I discovered that God love us so much that he speak to us through dream from generation to generation. Ecclesiastes 3 vs 12.

God is an architect. He plan ahead of man, perfect in mind and body. Biblically Abraham live above 100yrs. He said that the decendant of Abraham will sojourn in Egypt for 400yrs even when there is no famine or war in isreal Genesis 12 vs 10.

For this course he sent Joseph to prepare for the days of affliction, when they were in Egypt by virtual of Joseph position pharoah gave them Goshen in Egypt to sojourn. This action cushen the effect and post effect of slavery in Egypt. Exceptional oppurtunity given to christain as in power is ability to dream which was abuse due to Heresy teaching, teaching of anti Christ (1st John 2 vs 18). Sarah make mockery of the angels she said I am old my husband is aged too. If she can doubt the ability of the God sent angel in the realm of the physical. If it’s a dream what would have happened?. The prediction of God Almighty did came to pass according to his words.

Dream is a message inbox for every christain irrespective of your status before God.

Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar had a dream in the days of Daniel the Hebrew in Babylonian ( Mene Mene tekel persin) Daniel 5 vs 24. He would have destroyed thousand astrologers , prophet, witchcraft activities for no reason that they Lack the spiritual ability to interpret. If not for exceptional power and excellence spirit that dwell in Daniel what will have happen going to a prophet that lacks spiritual ability to interpret your dream is cancerous and disastrous.

Your dream is the solution to your affliction and the way to prosperity for effective transformation their must be a radical change.


Dream for delay marriage;

1) when you dreamt of having a marriage ceremony and you are about to vow with whom you doesn’t know in the physical.

2) If you are in the realm of the spirit and you had a dream that you lost your wedding ring. If you are married the wedding will not last. If you are not yet married it will be difficult.

3) if you discovered that you always dance with opposite sex every night or you are attending a congregation of people that you doesn’t know in the sea every night . Your material life is been polluted.


1)If you dream that you open a groundnut and there is no seed or you dreamt that you break a palm kernel and there is no seed. If care is not taken the victim will end up in barrenness. She need the go through prophetic distance deliverance.

2) When you see yourself carrying a baby doll or backing a teddy bear why you sleep. It means you may find it difficult to give birth.

3) A baby backed by a mad man was was crying for help and there was no help. Then you had no feeling or you did not assist the baby that means you won’t get pregnant and pregnancy won’t stay in your womb.

4) If you make sex in the dream and you enjoy it than the one in the physical realm. It takes longer year to get pregnant. You may end up having children in the sea.

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