Elemental Spirit has its origin from the angel that God sent out of heaven due to their rebellious activities Revelation 12 vs 7.

They become a tools in the hands of those who are vast in misery religion, herbalist, fraternity such as Zoroastrianism. They go to their victim through abstract projections, the use of effigy, image candles, masquerading, abstract image through the walls of a house or ancient building.

For instance, this make a baby to cry in the night for no reason. Sometimes they use tree or banana tree. When they project an image into a banana and struck the banana tree it brings out water. This can easily make a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage… Ephesians 6 vs 12. Every image in the water or under the ground are known as terrestrial power and are used by Lucifer to diversify destiny or to turn someone carrier upside down. Agent of Vision destroyers 1st Corinthians 2 vs 2-4.

A man came to me all the way from Italy and the bank is about to mortgage all his property due to the works of Elemental Spirit. He invested in so many business but it’s not yielding dividends.

Elemental Spirit is also described in the occult work as Alchemical works from around the time of the Europeans. This correspond to the element of Antiquity, water, air, Earth and fire.

In casting out Elemental Spirit, it involves diverse prayers from an annionted deliverance minister of God. Reason why people pray endlessly without result..


Elemental Spirit they are spirit because when they are operating,the  effigy becomes invisible. The deliverance minister handling an elemental spirit must be a prophet. The elemental spirit that’s operating in the water or fire cannot die by fire so it’s technical before you can finally destroy the spiritual ability of elemental spirit. Spirit operating in the air, land & Earth has its own prayers.



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