Hidden treasure can be defined as resources of immense value known as natural or Spiritual endowment deposited in the world to develop social economic aspect of man’s life by God . Genesis 1 vs 2 downward.

Hidden in the sense that they are not easily discovered as in potentials, human or material resources. Without this treasures , it would have been difficult for man and animal to survive these world. Human wants are insatiable, hence we search, we discover our road map to satisfaction on daily basis. God is a master planner, he is the author of creation. In human error or mistakes. Atimes, he use it to prove his signs and wonders. The first layer of Hidden treasure are;

1) Hidden treasure

2) wisdom

3) Knowledge

4) Intelligence…

The first layer is a membrane found in animal or man, if it’s not open no one knows the intenth or depth of what the animal has to deliver, no wonder, i.e the reason is not far fetched why it is known as Hidden treasure and the Bible said he that lacks knowledge or wisdom should go and look for it .. James  1 vs 5. He equally said my people perish because of lack of knowledge Hosea 4 vs 6.

*DISCOVERY: Discovering hidden treasure is not a  butter and bread race. It has become a frutal effort. In some quarters they were suffering in the midst of plenty. This issue goes beyond the level of individual, it cut across the coast intercontinental wise. Some country today depends wholly on imports, 99% of their consumption are imported. They fail to discover inner insight into productivity that is they are not a manufacturing country. As a Christian Church of God, gospeller, penticostal, there is a need for us to work out principles and ideaology that will enable our members to survive materially, Spiritually all put together based on collective responsibilities operation let’s affect our lives.

What is in Mr B may not exist in Mrs C. Jointly we research, we discover then we tap the untap resources. This will definitely reduce poverty and crimes.

The apostle’s were able to come together on the basis of unification. They intelligently put what they have & benefit one another Act 4 vs 34-35. In Africa setting, it has been a culture about one hundred and sixty million years ago, that is the black races are not putting their discovery in research work and this has affected our position today globally in the third world.

* HOW DO DREAM LEADS TO HIDDEN TREASURE: As we  one’s explained in the meaning of treasure ,they are those things which are of immense value. In the spiritual aspect of human life, God reveals himself through dreams to his people case study- Goshen in Egypt Genesis 45 vs 10, Exodus 1 vs 7. Through Divine inspiration, through Joseph it was unianimously decided by the authority of pharoah for the isrealite to live in Goshen due to the manifestation of the presence of God.

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