There is life before death, however the side of the coin. Either positive or negative, not how far, short or long. It is a principle of how well. Ecclesiastes 4 vs 2-3.


Anointed Tongue: The word final words emanated from annionted tongue. Anionted tongue carries anointed power from the realm of the spirit. The power manifest through authority either from the holy Spirit or   evil spirit.

Apostle James is centered on consciousness of the tongue and helps his reader to evaluate the quality of their relationship to Christ. His write up on the relevance of the tongue to the body and consequential effect. The venom of the tongue. In another analysis of Appostles James,  he compared the Anointing on the tongue with posionous venom of the animal that needs to be tamed and is not consumable. James 1 vs 26. It is not by power not might. The Anointing upon the tongue directly on man from the holy Spirit. 

It depends on 3 essential points powered by

I) Grace

2) Mercy

3) Cordial relationship with God.


GRACE:  By the grace and mercy, authority and power bestowed upon Moses to lead the children of Isreal to promise Land. By the reason of anionted when Korah, Dathan and Abiram rise against Moses in the wilderness. The final words of Moses ended the journey of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

Base on the words from his anionted tongue which cannot be over emphasized in this quotable quotation. If truly am the servant of the most high God, let this ones die the type of death that is not common.

He separated the congregation of God from the congregation of betrayals and the ground open and consumed the betrayals Numbers 16 vs 29-32.

GRACE AND MERCY: By the grace and mercy, some people are oppurtuned to foresee the future. By the  reason of their final words determine what the future helds.

At times consciously or unconsciously when they are speaking heaven registered their words. Case- study: G.O DASAGOM vs his mother… Historical data says that 48hrs before the mother gave up the ghost. He was oppurtuned to see his mother and she prayed for him that no battle will overcome him and his ministry. 

Another case- study; when Jacob gather his sons for his final words Gen 49 vs 1-4. Jacob prophesied what the future holds for the individual consciously and unconsciously heaven opened and registered the words till today. 

Final words have a credible Zeal that cannot be easily wasted away. Over the years.

CORDIAL RELATIONSHIP: The level of the cordial relationship between Man and God. Predominately Dominate your affective domain. The world is not static but changes over time. By the reason of your closeness to God, whatever you say or speak becomes your final words.

-Events that leads to final words: There are lots of event that circumference final words, specially it can be a word from a dieing soul, words from a seer. These are words that has to do with up to date futuristic database on spritual inclination. Case-study: Genesis 50 vs 24-25. Joseph final words in Egypt he said God will bring Messiah and when you are leaving do not allow my bone to sleep in Egypt. The significant of this statement is that the generation of Joseph will no longer experience slavery. The cogent fact is that he forsee that there will be a time that Isreal will leave Egypt when nobody foresee it in that hopeless situation of tyranny and oppression.

-The reason for final words: The answer is not far fetched. People do asked reason for every purpose in order to be objective enough. The speaker contend their words on futuristic reasoning that provide answers to the word “why asking, why me?. To be objective enough before the final words. There must be an event that leds to final words either from a living soul or from s departed soul by trance, revelation and prophectic.

Samuel delivered his final words to isrealite when they demand for king. So also prophet Haggai prophesied in his book of Haggai 2 vs 1-7. He prophesied the consequential effect of not putting the house of God in order and the  consequential effect if they go up and put the house of God in order. 

Jesus Christ final words he said mother weep not for me but for your children Luke 23 vs 28..

*An hour before the Death of the mother of  general overseer of Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC (prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix also known as Pastor Daramola Felix Oladele)

She said ‘my son, the power of death and the gate of hell will not prevail over thy ministry’. Eversince, ark of all Nation’s overcomed every challenges. Mother was a retired matron before her death.

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