Marital infirmity with the opposite sex in the realm of the spirit. The victim is attached to a marriage that he/she is not aware of in the realm of darkness. No wonder, in this Present Generation life is filled with harsh realities and problems that goes beyond human imagination. A good Christian should always be aware of the deceit and cunning ability of Satan.

All you need to do is to respect and establish the magnitude of your creator with sovereignty of God Almighty in your life. For prophecies to be fulfilled concerning you and your family. God appointed Jesus Christ as the king to rule over the power of darkness from the sea,the land, heaven and wilderness. Luke 1 vs 32-33. Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities Colossians 2 vs 10. Jesus performed many powerful miracles casting out demons while on Earth. This usher in a new era of prophetic deliverance mission ‘ ‘what I have to do with thee Jesus Christ of Nazareth’?

Luke 4 vs 34.

OPERATING TECHNIQUES OF SPIRITUAL HUSBAND & WIFE:  Many victim become a prey to this ugly, uncivilized marraige through volountry agreement either by the parent of the victim. Most cases in Africa, a child is named through family idol or mermaid. At times a child at the tender age(boy/girl) would be called the husband/wife of an elderly man which is Above 50 yrs. This has become a natural phenomena. (Exodus 20 vs 1-5). At night an idol will put on the face of that person to make love to the victim.

That is the more reason we should be careful with what we confess with our mouth Romans 10 vs 9-10. In another case, some are born like that, they were possessed from birth so God can make the work of his hand manifest. This will become a bondage until they meet with their Prophet . The person you see in your dream Making love to you is a very ugly beast. They would put on the face of someone you know closer person or the identity you can’t remember to pollute your journey. No wonder he cured every sort of diseases and infirmities to demonstrate how he will eliminate kingdom of darkness from mankind Matthew 9 vs 35. Jesus calmed the sea showing how he will protect people by controlling forces of Darkness that influence nature Mark 4 vs 36-39.

IDENTIFICATION MARK ON THE VICTIM: Every Spiritual husband or wife always have their identification mark on their victim. No matter the number of women sleeping together in a room, they easily recognize their victim. Whenever they are sleeping.. they can also operate in the afternoon or night. Most people affected by this are possessed by marine spirit.


1) They are agent of delay marriage.

2) Failure in business.

3) Makes the victim Impotent 

4) So jealous and makes life unbearable for the people closer to their victim.

5) Agent of Setback and poverty

6) Makes you to hate your husband

7) Instrumental to barrenness

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