The Political military religious conflict within the scope of Arab and Israel entity which climaxed during the 20th century. The root of the Conflict was attached to the rise of Zionism and Arab nationalism. At the end of 19th century the conflict was not much pronounced according to statistics not until 20th century, when they continue to fight on boundaries, superiority to annex one another which was portend by the Christian mythology as a Jewish ancestral home land.

Christianity anchor on peace, ethquete of morality, value for life and property. The reason for this, is identified within the case of Cain and Abel that proved beyond doubt that live belongs to God . When Cain killed his brother Abel. The Almighty God said in Quote ‘ the Lord said, ” what have you done? Listen! Your brother blood cries out to me from the ground ( Genesis 4 vs 10). So blood is life and life belongs to God. That’s the reason why Christian does not like shedding blood.

The Islamic religion inherited is Norms from (SAW) Muhammed, the journey started in a small desert city called Mecca in the 17th century. They took their norms from their leader (SAW) Muhammed. Islam means a religion of submission. The doctrine is acceptable globally. Interwoven with Christian Religion. When (SAW)Muhammad was persecuted, made the convert and their leaders to engage in so many inter- tribal war for survival within Mecca entity.

The conflict between the two religion is that when (SAW) Muhammad is leaving the stage he doesn’t have representation as in discipleship that will continue the norms that will launch Islamic religion into global peace. Is a very good religion. Even the Quaran frown against tyranny and oppression. Unlike Jesus Christ which left his 70 Apostles to propagate the gospel. Luke 10:17- 20.


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