Who are the Destroyers: Biblically, it is recognised that devil has come to kill, to steal and destroy but our Lord Jesus has come in to restore salvation and deliverance upon Mount DASAGOM. Obadiah 1 vs 17, John 10 vs 10.

In creation, when God created man he created man with virtue’s and virtues powered the destiny of man. Destiny carried glory, no wonder the Appostles asked Jesus Christ “will you restore the glory back to isreal”  they have forgotten that restoring back glory has to do with the level of relationship with Almighty God. Who took away the glory?. Before devil can render a life useless they will remove the cap or crown of glory which symbolises the glory and immediately it happens like that, the virtues and glory begins to die gradually.

The destroyers, they are the spiritual black window tigers or tigress. They are born to swallow vision and destroy visions. We talking about the black hearted women and the occultic men. Before the witches summon a person to the meeting, they agreed that operation no mercy and would damn the consequential effect of their actions. Would forge ahead to destroy and undermined anybody’s Spiritual integrity.

Among the destroyers are the blood sucking demon, familiar spirit, talking demon, fowl spirit, idols of different integrity and languages. 

Dear brethren listen to this poetic device from a Reverend doctor, a prominent deliverance minister, an erudite preacher to his only son

Turn to the north; turn to the South

Turn to the west; turn to the east

When you heard a noise

quo, quo, quo

the association of the witches

they are going to the meeting

when you heard 

Kwi, kwi, kw

as the flapping of the wings

that means the arrival of witches.

 In the congregation of the wicked ones, the black hearted people, the congregation of the black world takes a stand. It is written whom shall I fear? Psalm 27 vs 1, the bench and the Gangstars called an elderly ones but he said “he will scatter them; my dear son look at the star and the moon in the world of the occult they map and read it because of some people vision, dear son do not allow this book to depart from you both day and night. Joshua 1 vs 8

*HOW DO THEY DESTROY? : According to the G.O Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC, he said before a life or destiny can be destroyed, it will first of all manifest in the spiritual realm according to the word of God in the book of Isaiah 49 vs 15 & 25. Their module operandi is in the abstract realm. An accident that takes place in the abstract realm may likely manifest in the physical. We are talking about those that enters a house without knocking, those that dine and wine without invitation. Over years of experience, our G.O makes us to understand that is not all spirit that can die by fire. Case- study: practical experience in the ministry. A lady confessed that before they destroy a life that they will knock 3 times before the door opens. No wonder our Lord Jesus Christ said I know my sheep and my sheep knowest my voice. So also they chooses a life that carries no anointing nor fire of God as their prey . At times they will come in through human face or would change to animal. Which can equally operate as a masquerade, their magical power of appearance and disappearance is nothing to be compared of.  Especially the black witches Isaiah 47 vs 1 downward. We are talking about household wickedness, environmental forces… Only Divine Spiritual empowerment from the throne of God so that we can resemble our Lord Jesus Christ that conquered Satan. Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities. The reason is not far fetched, every black power Vision destroyers emanate from heaven Revelation 12 vs 7.


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