Glory be to God — may His name be highly exalted. After series of prayers and Seven days crusade, God ministered to Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix, G.O Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry (INC). The happenings for the year 2022.

All prophetic declaration by G.O Prophet Olumuyidele is accurate and always come into actualization: I am a born Prophet.


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  • The year 2022 is the end of struggle for all Dasagom members.
  • There’s a great journey before Divine ark
  • In the year 2022, Dasagom members should set aside 7days and pray against father’s household wickedness.
  • God will do great thing upon mount Dasagom in January ending 2022.
  • In the mount of May, there will be our dancing for God celebration alongside our G.O Dasagom birthday.



  • The presidency candidates for the 2023 election will emerge from (3) solid contestants in different geo-political ethnic configuration zone in Nigeria but power will rise from the southwest. The one with a unicorn strength will take the seat of power.
  • The president will emanate from the southwest in 2023
  • Nigeria will not separate in year 2022.
  • Separatism will be more pronounced in another 7 years time. So says the Lord of host. 
  • So many will go into ritualism in 2022. Parents will go as far as using their children in search of wealth. Children will go as far as using their parents. Vice versa
  • We should pray fervently against breaking news of misfortune.
  • Most rich and powerful Nigerians will fall out of grace while the poor will fall under the grace of God. 
  • The first quarter of year 2022 will be a year of abundance as the lord liveth. 
  • Many doors of glory will be open to those that serve God. 
  • God said he’s going to show mercy to the poor and lift a lot of the  poor and needy up this year. 


  • The Lord revealed that the Nigerian Government do not want the poor to benefit from the cryptocurrency space as it would gain massive ground in year 2022
  • There will be a pestilence that will rise just like the previous pandemic. We need to pray!
  • God will take a lot of women out of barrenness and make them fruitful.
  • Thirst for power and economic control will saturate global community
  • Fear will dominate some of the world.
  • Another terriorist group will emerge in 2022. We need to pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters.
  • Display of nuclear weaponry in the middle east and some other part of Europe. In the midst of all this challenges, God will take glory. 
  • More coup and coup de tat in Africa.
  • Dear brethren in the lord, this is a moment of close relationship with God.









By Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola

As a prophet in my generation, all my prophecies since when God called me are accurate. I predicted unusual happenings last year and everything related to this happened. You can check for our last year’s prophecy.

1. By the power of prophetic ministration, Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry will be flagged in seven countries of the world.

2. Terrorism will advance to a stage of sporadic bombing across the country.

3. Our next Presidential aspirant will come from the South; a male president, while the Vice president will be a female from the core North – this is a sign to know the Godsent, for fundamental restructuring; if privileged, come 2023 presidential election — Nigeria will be among developing nations if the world.

3. The northern caliphate will implement some rules and regulations in order to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country but their decision will not hold.

4. Ritualism will use another dimension in the year 2021, they will become a tactician, so children of God need to be extraordinarily careful.

5. Robbery will increase in the year 2021, we need to pray against spiritual robbery and physical robbery.

6. There will be platforms to borrow money in Nigeria in 2021, without marketable collateral security – abundance by grace and mercy for those that serve God wholeheartedly.

7. The power of darkness has thrown down the red flag of battle in the year 2021 but we the children of God should remain steadfast in commitment to serve God.

8. In the first two months in the year 2021, there will be a total breakthrough in Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry

9. President Buhari will allow trade across northern borders based on personal interest.

10. So many stars will rise in 2021. I said in the year 2020 that so many celebrities will die and it eventually happened. This occurrence is due to the connection to an adulatory shrine, God said they should retrace their steps In the year 2021 to avert the wrath of God in their lives.

11. God has given us the key to build so many houses in Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry in 2021 – we are The Wealth Of All Nations.

12. We’ve passed through many challenges and today we are singing a new song, God said we should count those years of challenges that he will bless us with those blessings that have evaded us.

13. If you don’t rewrite your family history, nobody will rewrite it in another 100 years that is what God said during the seven days crusade – and by spiritual direction, we shall possess our possession. Come 2021, we possess our possession.

14. One prominent Nigeria pastor will die in 2021.

15. No matter how hard the year might be, the children of Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry Inc will survive it, also those that trust in God.

16. President Buhari will favor the northerners, the southwest and the southeast will bear the burden if we fail to prepare for this eventuality.

17. NIGERIA will eventually separate but not this year, despite lots of agitations from different regions to secede.

18. Anyone you are not familiarized with, do not follow the person anywhere outside your geographical region – this is a warning for Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel ministry Members

19. There will be a lot of reshufflement in the government of President Buhari, which is mandatory, if not there will be a crack in the wall and water will not hold.

20. In the year 2021, communities, villages, towns, will go digital.


 by G.O Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola

  1.  Americans have to take caution in their political decisions, so that the superpower nation will not rob them of their glory, as the Lord liveth; so says the Lord.

2. Another deadly disease in disguise will saturate the world with a pandemic which people will believe that it is coronavirus in disguise.

3. An incident will happen in 2021 that would shake the whole world but to be rest assured that Divine Ark Of Salvation Members are saved with those that trust in God; together we’ll survive it all.

4. The whole world will go on spiritual digitalization in the year 2021. Spirituality will take a new dimension beyond human imagination all we need to do is focus on God – in God we trust, Divine Ark Of salvation Gospel Ministry.

5. Suicide rate will increase.

6 The Chinese economy will be solid; able to compete with great economies of the world.









Glory be to God — may His name be highly exalted. After series of prayers in the wilderness, 172 hours before God and Seven days crusade, God ministered to Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix, G.O Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry (INC). the happenings for the year 2020.

All prophetic declaration by G.O Olumuyidele is accurate and always come into actualization: I am a born Prophet. DIVINE ARK OF SALVATION GOSPEL MINISTRY (INC). G.O: Olumuyidele Daramola Felix.

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— God said there will be conflict in the middle-East Region.

— Any attempt to bring the economy of  China down will be frustrated by 2020 because they did not go to war or shed blood of their Citizens.

—We should pray for Trump, he’s an American trumpet. About 20 countries will want to bring America down—sponsoring trump impeachment! If Trump is finally Impeached, it will affect America’s superpower, it will cripple their power.

— Donald Trump will finish his tenure in the office!

— We should pray against climatic changes.



God said by 2020 the cause of Nigeria problem will be known.

— God of DASAGOM said what Buhari is covering will be known in year 2020.

—Death rate will increase this year, due to unusual happenings.

— We should pray there should not be religious war in Nigeria.

— God said by 2023 Nigeria will separate Into three region– Biafra will be declared peacefully the way they declared Catalonia in Spain; which will lead to restructuring and upliftment of all ethnic region.

—APC in Nigeria will devide into three factions (some will be ‘A’, ‘P’, ‘C’), respectively.

— Many will fall to satanic traps, ritualism will pervade the society. And be careful of those that ask for your pictures, because ritualism will be at the peak in our society.

—Three Nigerian General Overseer that are giving Nigeria Government ill advice will be call to rest by almighty God.

— People will go begging for ritual purpose– be careful of the way you give out alms to the begers.

— There will be proliferation of Churches, lots of mosques will emerge.

—God said those that made Nigeria very difficult and tense will be punished under the wrath of God.

—God said that christian that serve God wholeheartedly will experience surplus and prosperity in the year 2020.

— Most churches that has gone international through the blood of their converts will tell you not to pay tithe, not to celebrate Christ. Because your glory is under usage. You can confirm, by checking the life of your children; academic imbalance. They will abrogate power unto themselves and will perform more magics instead of Miracles.

— Those expecting Rapture will wait for another 100 years, the reason is not far- fetched, because there wouldn’t be enough soul to harvest for now, the practice of sodomy, gay marriages, lesbianism, marriage between two priests, sleeping with animals for the ritual purpose has become an abomination before God.

—The issue of morning-cry must be regulated among churches, this is causing religious conflict between Muslim and Christians. The issue of Virgin waiting at the gate of heaven should be abolished among Islamic clerics to avoid religious intolerance, so that we can have a peaceful society.

Pastor should be careful of what they preach against Islamic religion, it is a religion of peace!Nigeria will survive this, because all other countries survived it. Nigeria is the eyes of God. God bless Nigeria, God bless my country. Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC.