Excellence spirit is the spirit of God. Every gift that is practicable in the world is from the word of wisdom. Without wisdom, there is no excellence spirit. Excellence spirit gives room to exploit. The one in Jacob is known to be compared to all over the world.

The spirit called excellence spirit makes you move from known to unknown. It gives a solution to human problems, solving difficult equations of human lives. It gives room to the adjudication as in judgments with all forms of fairness and justice.


The judgment of Solomon 1st Kings 3 vs 16-27.  Joseph and Daniel were able to become Vice President in their generation because of the excellent spirit of God in their lives. Daniel 2 vs 48       Excellence spirit has to do with logic, strategy, policy, so if you’re imbibed with the spirit of excellence spirit you have all that it takes as a strategy to plan and execute a budget that will develop a nation at the same have an immense benefit to the citizenry.

Example: Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylonia. With the development of the global trend, we need the excellent spirit to move from the realm of the less developed organization to the realm of developing an organization.In every viable organization, Christian community, private-sector, or governmental entity, we need the excellent spirit to captain the affairs of the organization for better results. In search of these natural endowments from God, people go as far as to seek knowledge in policy, strategy, and logistics school of thought.What a great spirit!!!.It has to do with a discerning spirit. This will take you to discover the known and unknown. So it’s paramount for individuals that have a mission to search for Excellence spirit through spiritual inclinations.Biblically it is established that:



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