Christian faith would have been another thing entirely without resurrection. Resurrection redefined the Christian faith as in great commission. It is a key that is an access key to establish the feet of all believers. The Pharisees believed in the resurrection and so also the Sanhedrin knows within themselves that Christ resurrects.The glory in the resurrection is self-explanatory, it goes beyond ethnic sentiment,  personal motives, individual principles, or objectives. It is not a little thing for the father to glorify himself in the son and the son in the holy spirit. It has been predicted by the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah 53 vs 7.

The glory yielded a lot of fruits today in Christian fold. Christ was made a sacrificial lamb for the remission of our sins to reconcile us back to Almighty God. Practically it is believed that a messiah will come from another background entirely, not a humble background.


The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is an eye-opener for all believers that believes in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s also empowerment, the spirit awakens every sector of life. In compromising with our faith. We were incorporated to believe that the dry bone will rise again. Ezekiel 37 vs 1-14. It has become our inalienable right, absolute privilege, for our dead business to rise again, for the sick to receive life, the dead to awaken to the reality of life.

In everything, our desire as a child of God in all our doings within the scope of contemporaries or futuristic reasoning is for God the Father, God the Son and God the holy spirit to take glory and adorations. No wonder it as become a slogan of songs: “Take glory father, take glory son, take glory holy ghost” within the Christian mythology.


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