It is important for all believers to harvest the holy spirit and develop a personal relationship with the holy spirit in order to overcome the challenges of life and to harvest their generational harvest through the leading and guidance of the holy spirit. (1st Corinthians 2 vs 9-12).                    CONTENT1) You need to prepare your heart in order to receive the holy spirit.

2) Holy Ghost anointing is the power that powered vision to reality.
3) How do I become fulfilled spiritually. 


No man gain access to the father(God)except through Jesus(son), the same way, no one can ask a meaningful and tangible thing from God except through the leading of the third personality in Trinity i.e holy ghost.     As a Christian that wants to operate in an abundance of God, we need to wise up and always prepare our heart, ways in order to receive the power of the holy ghost that will brighten up our lives as a Christian. God has given us authority to go and dominate, trend and trample upon serpent and scorpion in order to harvest our generational harvest but lack of preparedness in life sometimes makes us lose focus & vision John 4 vs 14-15.Case study: Elisha knew the task ahead of him in order to receive it. As Christian, we need to be alert spiritually and physically. We need or have to forgo those things that can be a hindrance.

HOLY GHOST ANOINTING IS THE POWER THAT POWERED VISION TO REALITY: In the life of every believer, God has packaged a vision for an appointed time of God. The holy ghost anointing is the power that will over-haul the vision and turn it to reality in the physical. It is the level of the holy spirit in you that is what will power your generational harvest to reality. A life that is not fulfilled with the spirit of God is like a plane without enough gas, it will never get to his destination. It is like a ship without direction, it will either capsized or host in the high sea. If the holy ghost is not important, Jesus wouldn’t have instructed the apostles to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the power. When the spirit is not fulfilled into our system, when the angels bring our generational harvest, there wouldn’t be the power to receive the generational harvest spirituality talk less of the physical Case study: Daniel & the angel( Daniel 10 vs 11-13).

HOW DO I BECOME FULFILLED SPIRITUALLY: To become fulfilled spiritually, we need to be honest with things of God as in church activities. Philippians 2 vs 7-14. Praying without season will accelerate the spiritual velocity that is the gravitational force based on the level of degree you operate as a Christian. Even the devil package evil anointing into his agents.     Therefore, a Christian needs to overcome powers of darkness that are waging war against our generational harvest. We need to put on the whole armor of God which is not the physical but spiritual tassel.

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