Our creator God almighty is a producer, his administrative and managerial skill is known to be compared of, alpha and omega of our lives. He’s not a God of failure, so as a Christian we have every reason to live and succeed Genesis 1 vs 26. He created man to have Dominion over the fish in the sea, the birds of the air, animal on the land. No wonder he created man in his own image.

He has given power unto us to turn our desert to ariable farmland. So we can transform the Earth into paradise and promote faith in Jesus Christ who died so we could have everlasting life, John 3 vs 16. Despite the fact that he has given us the garment of honour, glory and success.

Yet the life of a man is dominated with fear of failure. The world as become an occupation that God has given to the son of man to keep them occupied. He gave unto man everything. Eternity stand between the son of man and the beauty of the world. Joshua said in the book of Joshua “Choose ye this day whom shall thou serve” Joshua 24 vs14″.

At the epic of ones life no matter how hard we try ,our logistics, strategy, intelligence cannot solve the source of  spiritual challenges in our life. This has put the life of man under limitations which we need to go against this believe that makes people to cast an aspersion on the ability of the Trinity in the live of christian.         It’s time we need to break barriers, limitations, curses, foundational curses, vision cycle of wretchedness.

Our world was bombard with countless of must have product and service. Yet the Bible said we can avoid the live of money and embraces moral and dignity 1st Timothy 6 vs 10. What a high price to pay!!!   With the look of things in this present age, the days of stone age are gone.

We are now in digital world. The Bible is not conflicting but an oracle that lead those that understand the mystery to wealth. He said money “answereth everything” Ecclesiastes 10 vs 19. However contentious you are, you cannot survive this present world without money.God has seen this, hence he sent a prophet in every generation. The day you discover your prophet then authority change hands.


God have seen us, when you look at the geo configuration of the whole world as in Savannah, arid region, Vegetation, every works of his hands are perfect that can easily turn to resources. Your God Anointed chosen Prophet is an intermediary between you and God. Before you can become a successful christain, you need to ask;

Who am I?
Who is my grandfather?
Does it end well with my father and mother?
Is it a life well spent?

– When you are ruminating within this question on your mindset you need to see your Prophet. He called Jeremiah, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elisha, Elijah for different purpose and commission. We are all made for a purpose. We are manufactured to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Christians why do we sow seeds and it’s not yielding dividends?                      


Isaiah 65 vs 22. They are miracles which Will not manifest so easily without prophetic ministration. For Jesus Christ mould a clay unto the eyes of that blind man and he said “go and wash in the pool of Siloam”.  Elisha told Naman “go and deep yourself into Jordan seven times. 2nd Kings 5 vs 10. Elijah touched the life of the widow of Zarephite. He took her from the realm of scarcity to the realm of abundance. 1st Kings 17 vs 7-16.

So we cannot run away from this office. This office is the most criticized office, non constructive criticism. Dear brethren we need to be a positive thinker in order to live a successful christian life.


Am not my father, am not my mother. What matters most is ones believe . Ifechukwu visited my ministry some years ago. He woke up from the sleep and his two eyes are gone. I asked him to fetch water from the well of TESTIMONY Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry Inc. Early in the morning. He deep his two eyes into the water and something fell from the eyes then he regained his sight. The secret of most high God are with those that trust in him.


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