Brake the mechanism that stops acceleration or control acceleration. Destiny is a heavenly mandate.

In one’s life, ability to lead your cause, your call without destiny there’s no vision. A life that lacks vision has no mission Jeremiah 1 vs 2. 

Everyone that God created is sent to actualize a dream. The world is like a theatre stage or continuous market that has duration of buying and selling for each person. The chairperson of the market is life and death. Every creature is sent for a reason though as the world progress individualistic and self mechanism set in an agenda that is purposely made for destiny. We are all as an actor and actress in a very long stage. Some never got to the stage while others are far from the stage, another is a spectator while one stop at the point of entry to the stage. It all depends. John 15 vs 1-12.

I often ask, what are these things that hinder a man from actualizing the God-given dream? Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix G.O Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC; I often repeat often that every man demonstrates a level of craziness because of the long queue before destiny. My perspective and conception over the years at in and out of the altar. I discovered that the world is dynamic; we are now in a very big world. 

Brake is a control mechanism that stops or suddenly makes you stop sometimes. It’s like a captain or pilot that safely guided your destiny to where it would make an impact. The Mercury of destiny cannot be reflected in the global terrain without the brake of destiny.

This message centered on the following components:





The journey to destiny is clueless; no one knows when it will rain while another continues to envisage when it will be cloudy, or when the shining light will emanate. God does not tell Israelites that the journey to promise land is rough neither did it make it known to them that they will cross the red sea also Jordan is awaiting them to cross. Exodus 14:14, Psalm 14.

God is not problematic though he’s an originator. He manufactured the fascinating Period of life also the challenging period is not hidden from him. is a very big God, he neither sleep or slumber. Psalm 121 vs 1. 

The monopoly of knowledge and perfection are not existing, no one is perfect according to Jesus Christ he said “No one is perfect except my father in heaven”. Someone is to be your torchbearer, your driver, pilot, guardian angel on the road to destiny. Sometimes the road is smooth, at times very rough depending on the application in real-life situations. God has given individual talents to compete in the world; all we need is the vigorous energy, good health, sound mind, drive, burning passion, and determination to fly.

Your torchbearer can also be your confidant, your mentor, those you look up to. And God said unto mosses “go and tell Pharaoh; Let my people go” Exodus 3 vs 3-10

Where to do and what to take over their destiny land where they will grow?  Your business, your territory can not be enlarged until you discover your destiny land. Any accident or incident that occupies you or made you observes a stopover before destination. It can be the work of the enemy or the handiwork of God. There’s every reason for application of the brake. He sent him before Jesus for a reason as a torchbearer and John said: Luke 3 vs 16.

I have seen in this present dispensation parents who ought to lead their children as their torchbearer but they only serve a bad influence on their children.


Uncontrollable forces, nature, unpreparedness for challenges, jealousy, rivalry among competitors of the same mission coupled with inordinate ambition, time duration to achieve goals, the object of household wickedness, motives behind your mission, an accident of life, lack of precautionary motives slow re-providing behaviors sometimes makes man to match brake. 

Jacob asks his father-in-law that when will I go and make provision for my family to make up the duration of the period of service. The disappointment for given him not the woman he worked for, at that time he matched brake and device a means of getting more sheep to become richer. Genesis 29 vs 25.

The journey of one’s destiny, as I have rightly said is controlled by the power that goes beyond your imagination and imaginary thought not what you bargained for. Hence you’re compelled to match brake directly or indirectly or you peddle slowly in view of avoiding an accident like a case of a captain and the crew in the high sea and suddenly the sea pirate appears to rob. All you need to do is to use every navigation knowledge to protect the crew at the same time to save the goods.

As a Christian, God is always waiting in the midst of every turbulent to fight and defend us. Psalm 91. At times incidents are manufactured by a man that compelled or make it mandatory for a man to match brake.


God created individuals and shape their lives for the actualization of their God-given destiny. The greater your destiny the more the level of challenges. The Crown of destiny, shoe, and a garment of destiny were manufactured by God during conception while in your mother’s womb. 

God knows who you are, your crown is not my crown, your shoe is either oversize or too small for my leg.  Jeremiah 18 vs 1-11.

He told Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house and see what he’s doing with his pots. The undeniable fact, the individual was given the right and equal right to compete in the global village depending on the brake that is given for this great journey. 

If you judiciously make use of the brake without digressions you will have all the wings to fly our dynamic world. VERY BIG WORLD.


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