So many years ago, a group of island in the Northern Indies (East Puerto Rico) discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 owned by united States and Britain.

God is an architect, he designed the world and its vegetations with a promising ideology that makes man an intelligent creature. He deposited minerals resources for man to become resourceful according to the word of Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix on industrialization of Christian organization for positive global development. He gives his chosen the keys to develop this resource for the benefit of mankind. A resourceful being is a Christian.

Life is full of risk – Scientific examinations prove that life is risk. Biblically it is established in the book of (John 12:23-25) “he that loveth his life shall loose and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it into eternal life”. Heaven is not stagnant, and God is not against little beginning, No wonder Jesus started from the marnja…what a level of humility!!!

Basic ideology for longer life term achievement is consistent starting performance.

Brethrens, how do I discover my starting point that will discover and develop my Virgin Islands:

  1. Self Discovery
  2. My Virgin Island
  3. Turning Around My Virgin Island/My Dream
  4. God of Little Beginning
  5. Challenges
  6. Transformation
  7. Radical Change


(1) Self Discovery:

Who am I? You need to know yourself before you can discover yourself. Failure to discover yourself will lead to sacrificial destiny. If this keeps going on, actualization of one’s destiny is in doubt. Without Jesus Christ Peter would have died fishing at the dead site as a poor fisherman. An encounter with Christ turned his life around. Spiritual life term discovery from the poor fisherman to a Fisher of men, (Matthew 4:18-22).

At the Hem of nothing is working, operation where do I start? You need to discover your Prophet to make you operate on your inborn calling for a purpose. What is not in you does not exist. Every story line of a comedian noticed or un-noticed, depending on the side of the coin by the parental guidance. The starting point of their career is when they are toddlers.

Without Samuel there’s no Saul. Absence of Samuel would have made David live and die as a warlord not as king. So let’s go and discover our Virgin Island!!!

(2) My Virgin Island:

Your nature is determined by your origin. What you are made of is affected by whom you are.  Your state of being is inherently linked to your state of origin. What are you made of? What kind of man are you?  We need to cross examine the hidden exceptional ability that God has deposited neither in you nor in us as a Christian. Jeremiah is a slow speaker yet he sent him. Moses was a stammerer that has nothing to do with the exceptional ability imbedded in him to liberate the Israelites from Egypt (Exodus 3:2-4).  The day you realize as a Christian that he that sent you to this world is greater than individual interest, motives or motions concerning your life.  You can make what he declare upon you work by been believed.

Mark 6:1-6: Unbelief is a satanic instrument used by visions destroyers and haters of our dreams. Be a vision Carrier of your family lineage; identify your career with what no man has ever achieved in your lineage. So you can overcome curses, spell, power of darkness that his limiting you from the discovery of your Virgin Island.

Biblically it is established, “They appeared has the angel of lights but are born of darkness Romans 16:17”. Taking this to consideration is a plus factor for physical development of our Virgin Island. You need, I need, we need to build and develop a Virgin island.

(3) Turning Around My Virgin Island/My Dream:

The hypocrisy of Christian mythology in the days of Apostle Paul traveling from Lyseria to Icolium in other to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My mission and my dream is to discovery a wilderness nor a secluded island full of natural vegetations where I can build as Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry Inc. (Wealth of all Nation) called “Dasagom Atlantic Virgin Island”, a city of God in my generation. We all have dreams and aspirations as a Christian. The contextual notion of this my mission made me to visit different wilderness on different location looking for where God will use for this great commission for the past 15 years.

Be expecting the volume two (2) of this article in future for explanation on other sub-topics. God bless you!

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