spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living in ghosture from the invisible realm. Hebrews 11:13-16.

In the 6th century, there are amidst speculations talking about the reality of a ghost. The phenomenon centered on ancestral planes, Esoteric planes invisible power of appearance and disappearance.

This mystical power in the 17th century to this present day had become a controversial complex issue that’s subject to research from both local and international Christian correspondence.

Astrologers and Anthropologists all their effort is to prove the existence of the Contiguous ghost. The interregnum that illustrates the tendency that a ghost is within the human body. In my own opinion as a prophet, the intrinsic mechanism that makes a ghost reality in physical and in the spiritual realm. In the physical, if a dead person appeared with his natural physique when he was alive. The most shocking aspect of this revelation is that you will feel the presence of a breeze and the whole body of hair on your head would stand up. If you try touching the ghost it will disappear. Mark 9:13

                     SPIRITUAL ANALYSIS






THE INTER-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HOLY AND GHOST:  The word ‘Holy Ghost” is different from the other spirit in the spiritual realm. As have always said that the spirit controls the physical. The living God Alpha & Omega lives in Christ Jesus. The level of the Holiness makes the holy ghost.

The most powerful reason that makes it authority is biblically established that the father lives in the son and the son dwells in the father. The trinity becomes God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy spirit. The inter-relationship becomes interwoven according to the words of Jesus in the book of Acts 1:8,  Acts 2:1-4.

The apostles could do nothing until the day of Pentecost. The feeling of the Holy Ghost.

The memorandum of understanding as in norms, module Operandi between the dual holy & spirit operates on a balanced equilibrium which is none to be compared of.

This covenanted status quo cannot be undermined. The correlation between their existence since creation establishes the religion called Christian faith which Divine Ark of salvation Gospel Ministry INC stood upon.

AFRICAN CONTEXT CENTERED ON CULTURE AND BELIEVE: Within the wider scope of my project research is divided into two hypotheses.


The superstitious belief of we Africans unlike other European nations, we so much believed in the reality of ghosts dwelling among Men. At times it’s obvious that the spirit of the dead does appear as a living being through magics nor the practice of Seven books of Moses. This mechanism of tradition was designed to bring the dead back especially when the relatives want to know the cause of his/her death. This has become a wider concept of culture among Africans, real or fetish. It has been relatively proved even in my presence as a prophet that they are some legitimized act of traditional practice to bring the dead back and say some few statements to what led to their untimely death.

The version of this scenario is to predict or prophecy as prophetess Hannah predicts the birth of Jesus Christ. What will happen hereafter the death of this great person!


The different version of this individual experience from mouth to mouth historical database, generation to generation, very popular at the beginning of the century but which has lost all scientific credit that Ghosts has a special market where they buy and sell and interact under a chain of communication skill that lacks criterion nor physical evidence to prove where the market is situated.

REINCARNATION: This can be defined as past lives or Transmigrations of lives or Transmigration of souls. This is philosophical of none physical essence of nonliving being to start a new life. Is one of the Indian religious-philosophical believe that centered on the practice of Jainism or Buddhism. This concept also practiced in some European countries, Greek, Rome, America, Jew, and some other parts of Europe as Orthodox Buddhism.

Socrates and Pluto in their generation believed in reincarnation as great philosophers in their generation.

    To some extent, Islamic religion and the Christian religion establishes the rupture of reincarnation.  Reincarnation as in African belief, event, historical data, proved beyond doubt that the dead can come back as the living.


Saul and which of Endor 1st Samuel 28:10-18 

This is an act of invocation occultic realm sorcerers

Relocating to a place, location where people do not have their data in existence or biometric data. It is widely believed that those that died in a ghastly motor accident can go through abstract and reincarnate. In the cases of “Abiku” i.e children that go and come back. Africans will put a family mark or incision on their physical body to identify the same child during delivery which will definitely come in the same sex as in females or males with the mark on their body.

So without a doubt, Africans believed in reincarnation. The most contradicting aspect among biblical scholars of the 17th century to date proves that a man is appointed to die in once. Hebrews 9:27


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