Who is a prophet?: A prophet is regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. His an intermediary between man and God. He has contact with Divine being from the supernatural source through a downward communication system. Either directly from God to the Prophet or through the angels to the Prophet.

A prophet foretells or predicts what is to come. The following personality was established biblically as a famous prophet:

– Mosses

– Ezekiel

-John the Baptist





– Ido.

Judges 21:25: In those days there was no king in Isreeal

God now sent his prophets to judge over Israel. The likes of Deborah and Samuel. 

A prophet can also be regarded as an Oracle of God-endowed with the supernatural blessings loaded with exceptional powers to bless.


      Prophet Muhammad 571Ad. Twenty-five prophets are regarded by the Quran as a famous prophet of Allah:

Adam, Nun, Idris, Salih, Ibrahim, Ismali, Aiyase, Yusuf, Zuikifi , Ilyas, Shuaib, Musa, Harum, Dawood, Sulamah, Zakanya, Yaya Ismali, Isa & Muhammad.

This hypothesis made it obvious that the world cannot exist without a prophet. For an effective translation of the message of God to his people a prophet is sent in every generation. 






OFFICE OF A PROPHET: The prophetic office is an office ordained by God for his anointed servant to disseminate prophetic ministration unto his generation both the righteous and the gentiles. The office was opened, anointed for miracles. A prophet Plunge into the spiritual depth in order to find solutions to human sources of problems.  

2 Kings 2:19-22

The spiritual performances of a prophet is astonishing since creation.  In every school of thought as been biblically established, the office of a prophet is been governed and controlled by God Almighty. God do send a scroll or seal to a prophet to unravel the heavenly mysteries.

Numbers 23:18-20,  He also controls the utterances of his prophet beyond imagination. The spirit of God controls the entire body of the prophetic office according to his gifts.  A nation without a prophetic office is like the life of a medical practitioner that has a syringe without a needle. This will make it impossible to inject a patient.

See….1 Corinthians 12:7-11

Finally, heaven controls the prophetic office.

 TOOLS OF A PROPHET: A prophet life is motivated and dominated by the level of spirituality that governs his domain means “Affective domain”. The Spirit controls the body, soul, and inner eye of a prophet. To be rest assured, the mindset and stomach of a prophet are governed by the spirit of God.

As an ordained prophet, the ethics and practice in and out of altar and crusade over 15yrs, a prophet goes about with the following tools:

1) Rod of office

2) Mantle

3) Bible which is the word of God.


Elijah at river Jordan:  2 Kings 2:8

 He contacts heaven through he’s tools. These attributes gave him a cordial relationship between himself and his creator. He has every spiritual tool including discerning spirit to discern the good from the bad. From every generation, a prophet is called not made

MESSAGE: God sent every prophet for a purpose. The ability of God surpass all abilities in heaven or on earth. God is an architect that has seen before man. From dispensation of innocence to the dispensation of grace, he always sends a prophet for the purpose of that generation. Jeremiah and Elijah was sent to a misguided generation to take them from the realm of idolatry to God. So they won’t have any cause to dignify their wayward attitude toward the service of God during judgment. So also he sent John the Baptist to Baptise with water before christ. To tell that same generation the impending baptism of the holy ghost that Someone is coming after him. Matthew 3:11

Moses and Joshua were sent to liberate the Israelite from the house of bondage in Egypt.

Jesus his only begotten son was sent to give his chosen ones the key to the kingdom of heaven. HEAL THE SICK AND CLEANSES THE LEPER.

To take the world out of the realm of sacrifice. To show unto the gentiles the light of God and in other to bring back the lost sheep of the house of Israel.


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