The Topic centered on the road map to Christian destinations based on the preparedness for challenges on Earth and in heaven. Matthew 24:1-5.









HEAVEN ON EARTH: The world is a busy world.  The world was created to establish reality in the school of thought I.e  the school of realism.  It is established,  mentally,  physically and spiritually that God established the world.  Hence God is called Alpha & Omega the beginning and the end.  The book of John 1:3 proves beyond doubt that without him nothing was made,  without the world there’s no heaven.  Heaven makes the world and the world makes heaven.  In creation, the world was formless while the spirit of the Lord was hovering on the ocean and he said let there be light and there was light.  Biblically God separated the light from the darkness.  It was established that the son of the man, you’ve seen the good and the bad then heaven is by choice.  Gen 1:2-3. The very big world was like a theatre stage where every creation are called to perform when the individual gets to their bus stop they will depart to the land of the silent father’s and God gave us challenges & measurable parameters to measure individual performances Eccle 4:1-2,  Matthew 24:5-8.Solomon in his own critical examination of the world in his days: He narrowed down his examination to the different between the rule and the rulers.              Heaven on earth is basically centered on the activities that are going on in individual life. Some people started very well the reason for their activities in the world at the initial stage of life was towards making heaven, along the line, there is an itch and they could not reassemble their broken dream by the power of the oppressors.  They were forced to compromise their heaven on earth while another group failed at the initial stage of their life to serve God based on principles of inequalities.  They see that the world is survival of the fittest. 

            Hence they turn their back to their creator by the reason of their belief that God is full of injustice, they justify their proves that the world favors others and they start enmity with God at the early stage of their life which gave birth to  Cultism, witchcraft activities, and diabolism.  In another way round some people chooses to serve God since when they were born.            They become an ambassador of God on earth like the ancient apostles despite the facts the mysteries of end-time signs that surrounded their world. They register their relationship with almighty God with the blood of Jesus and the balance sheet of the relationship is the power of the Holy Ghost. Dear brethren, our activities on earth that are heaven on earth will determine our world in heaven. 2nd Timothy 3 vs1-2,  Matthew 24

                       COMMUNITY OF THE SAINT

To establish the community of  Saint on earth as a project that Dasagom embarks upon and is not a butter & bread race.  The answer is not far-fetched this is done because of the compromising attitude of the world. 
  Dasagom had a covenant with God to build a city of God on earth.  A situation where the righteous, chosen one will form a nation because Divine Ark is a country of his own established by God. Rev 19:1-2. God had given man a domineering power to dominate his world. The world is by revelation so also is in individual life one chapter after the other.  God proves to Dasagom G.O that there’s a gate before heaven and the activities of man on earth will determine the outcome of what is going to happen at the great gate. The gate will play a determinant role in the life of believers and unbelievers. The gate before destination.  What a mysterious gate!!!    


The journey of tomorrow start today.  There is a starting point to the destination. As a Bible scholar , believers of the gospel, we all Taylor our motives towards eternity. where we are going to spend the rest of our life after the rapture?  The world is a competitive world full of challenges and sorrow,  temptations, and sin. It has become an obstacle that Christians must overcome.  At times the road to the destination may be slippery of course it may be smooth at times, cloudy while it becomes dangerous some others days.grace is radiating upon the seat of mercy .  A little bit to the right,  a little bit to the left,  the road do smile at times while it frown occasionally.  As a chameleon changes color from a different direction, the color separation of each direction determines the present color of the chameleon.

Biblically it was proved that the world is established as a testing ground for believers.  Those that survive their world are those that concentrate on their track and road map to the destination.  

     In due course it is basically established that God knows that the road map is full of challenges and the man of sin is awaiting to tempt in order to carry away the believers.  Hence the road is divided into two. In a nutshell, there are two crusaders in the world on different roads: the narrow road is full of contour and gaps.   This is the road for the Saint while the broad road is adequately constructed to suit carnality.  It has become a way for the enemy of truth that is there are two preachers In the world.  The true preachers & false preachers.  In the book of Rev 22:12
    For every effective transformation there must be a radical changeAs the Lord empowered Israelites in the days to Babylonians so also the empowerment continues to radiate in the life of believers especially in the children of God because we are the children of our almighty  God.      Dear brethren,  do not be dismayed of this day’s present experience.  It has been predicted by our  Lord Jesus Christ  Mathew 24 vs 4-5.
Ephesians 6:13 Enablement to enable us to survive our world.


Before the heavenly gate from the onset, the world is surrounded and saddled with difficulties.  At times one would wonder: why do I serve my God?.  
The angels that deliver good messages are not common like the days of Gideon,  Samson. 
What of Samuel, the likes of mother Rebekah, Mary, Elizabeth, it has become a different ball game.  The hope of believers in Jesus Christ, the weather is now cloudy while the moon is pregnant. The children of darkness are beating their drums for the fall of Saints, yet the end time is not approaching.  God forbid we will not witness the days of anti-Christ in the mighty name of Jesus. 1st Timothy 2 vs 1-7 ) . 

He empowered us in the book of  (1st Timothy 2 vs 1-7 ). Another ammunition to overcome these challenges is the spirit of boldness base on practical Christianity as it is in the days of the apostles so also in the days of Meshack Shedrack, and Abednigo. Without boldness, the apostle might have found it difficult to preach the gospel.

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