The burning zeal to convert our environmental resources into income for developmental purpose makes man to develop the zeal for change.
Without change there wouldn’t be any development.

Our world is quite different from what is obtainable in 18th and 19th century. This present age is a world of change. For every effective transformation there must be a radical changes. Change is the output of restructuring, our world is a global village, very big world. The world is survived with countless, multi ethnic diversity of races, individual differences. Passionately based on understanding, society comes together, integrate & becomes a Nation.
What a dynamic world!!!






MAN AND RESTRUCTURING: In every school of thought based on personal motives and objectives, we all have a goal depending on the area of your destiny. I.E your purpose, the reason why i need to survive my world. Your target audience determines your market strategy. Every creature is a strategist and must devise a means to survive. Domestic or wild animal, nature forced them to devise a means of survival.
Experience and challenges is a plus factor for man to devise a restructuring system that will take them to the next level. Socio-Economics/political cannot remains static. The brain that restructured is endowed with ability to reprovice. We were all licensed by God to make use of our knowledge according to the word of God in the book of Genesis 1 vs 26.
The following percipient mechanisms needed to be considered during restructuring:

  • Do I have passion & drive for restructuring.
  • The burning zeal, will power and determination, often stand as instrumental tools for restructuring.

DYNAMIC POLICY FOR EFFECTIVE RESTRUCTURING: In every organization, individual sphere of life, restructuring is like grease that prevents metal from rusting.
Before one can engage in restructuring mission you need to:

  • Have passion for restructuring
  • In born talents
  • Exceptional forecasting ability
  • Futuristic reasoning
  • Contemporaneous analysis of yourself, your environment and the society at large.
    Jeremiah 18; is self explanatory using the potters house as an example.
    Often I do ask myself: How do I break the record of my predecessors? Do I need to progress at arithmetic progression nor geometric progression?
    The objective of my subject analysis is to discover the root or fundamental causes of my delayed success. My table statistics will launch me into the area where I need to adjust, move on, discover and make a change. Your environs cannot limit your success, your set target for a successful mission on earth will determine your dynamic policy. The amount of effort, insight, brainstorming you employed in the process will overall your resources for restructuring. We facilitate the the product, end result of your productions.

DIVIDENDS OF RESTRUCTURING: Once am restructured, be you an individual, cooperate organization, society, the end result on a very good equilibrium balance of payment is profit which symbolizes dividends. The world is dynamic, we are all working towards the ability to compete with the global community.
A man that succeeded in his chosen career or business even in the ministry is not only an Icon in his chosen career but he’s also known as a Guru, some go as far as calling them a business Mongol because of their ability to turn their resources to the benefits of man-kind.


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