The manger is a Latine word “Monducare”. 
Manger: This can be defined as a stable box to feed livestock. 

Your place of birth as a Christian cannot limit your glory nor your destiny. Case study: Jesus Christ was born in manger Luke 2 vs 7 yet the background, place of birth, the origin could not stop him to rule the world and his fame goes worldwide.  People ask so many controversial questions in his generation; Is not this the carpenter son?. The son of whom you are is not a barrier. He rose above all in Christian mythology as a great healer, a teacher, a miracle worker, his shoes have no end.No one can put it on from dispensations to dispensations Mark 6 vs 1-7.








Insight within the spatiotemporal antecedents of social-cultural ethics precedents or antecedents in Christian mythology.

The homilist, Bible scholars, Teachers, numerologists will agree with me within the context that Jesus is an infinite example of a point of the manger. Heaven humbles him for this glory to be made manifest globally Philippians 2 vs 10          In birth, he was humble beyond human imagination (John 6 vs 51) so that this glory can envelop to global salvation. Humans and Livestock have a point of delivery. After conception the next expectation is birth. It does not matter the environment you were born, the home your parents raise you can never be a determinant factor in the realization and actualization of your dream, destiny & Glory. Some are born with a silver spoon why another may be born of a wooden spoon.Most often, It opulence that those that are born with a wooden spoon may rise like morning sun or colossus and rule their generation. I have seen children of nobody, of no godfatherism at the top affairs of a nation. Absalom, David’s son was born in affluence raised in palace yet he couldn’t offered or deliver a message. 2ndSamuel 15-19
      Those that are born in a developing environment like most countries in Africa, the day you become a Christian in your environment, the background shouldn’t stop you. Father Abraham is another example of a point of the manger. He was born into an idolatry home. God told him to get out of his discarding background powered by obedience to the instructions of God. He dislodged from his origin, God changes his name and he becomes an icon of success. 


The day you discover your background is another precipient factor that will help you to come out of the manger. You need to study the life of your predecessors in your lineage this will give you an insight for self-discovery. Abraham capitalized on the weak point of his father Tera for not knowing the real God. He guided his new religion of communication between himself & creator and made exploits in his generation. You need to be a visionary full of determination. you cannot deliver what’s is not in you… it is in you.


Based on the spiritual hypothesis of prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix G.O Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC Years of spiritual research. Every 100 yrs that makes a century a star must be born in every family lineage. A vision carrier that carries the vicarious liability of his lineage, he is assigned to destroy the barrier, shackles of vision cycle of poverty in the family lineage. He’s inborn ability to change every inability of he’s predecessors. As a pencil in the hands of the creator, the psychomotor working in his destiny is undoubted. Turning the family stones and rock to gold. He may come in the form of a spiritualist nor industrialist.      

Not a self-made man is by heavenly ordination to emancipate, usher in social changes that will affect the affective domain of his generation. He’s a leader of the conglomeration of companies, Family Jesus, Breadwinner, the practical personality of Christianity. He’s transformation trend gave birth to a new evolution that radically transformed the identity and entity of the family into a new name. Case study: Joseph in Goshen; Genesis 47 vs 1 -11 Jacob of Israel; Genesis 32 vs 22-32.


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