Every living being is a pencil in the hands of creator Jeremiah 18. Pencil that works with imagination is the fountain of all creativity.       

In life application, your pencil ability to function with your heart is an additional factor for success. In creation when the world was established on a deep ocean through the spiritual presence of the creator, God ameliorates the situation through his creative mind. He said let there be light and there was light.     

The pencil that creates and Improvise is an inestimable jewel. Your level of creativity through imagination will not only set a standard for the actualization of goals but can establish imaginary thought. Different eulogy for different pencil, the pencil that turns desert into the city is the best pencil.              

Man is naturally endowed by God but not on equal bases. Your level of creativity is the amount of oil that lubricates your psychomotor the vehicles of your intelligence.                                         




3) INNOVATION IS THE SOURCE OF IMAGINATION                                   


PENCIL OF A GENIUS            

A genius is born not made, his imagination constitutes valuable content to the benefit of mankind. In the history of mankind, every genius was born to set a footprint as in legacy, ideology, intelligence, and principle. 
     knowledge should not be centered on a monopolistic ideology of single discipline but every sphere of life. Pencil of a genius becomes an inheritance that can pass from generation to generation. A son of a financial analyst can become a statistician or economist while the daughter of a medical doctor can become a health environmental scientist. A boy inherited an outdated ink pen from the father, the only legacy left behind by the father, his late father could not notice an inscription on the pen called “pen power”. The boy renumerated for months on this inscription, imagination sets in like settings sticks that there is power in the pen. This turned him into a veteran journalist, author of so many journals. Even at death, the pencil of creativity lives on.        


The two dual are inseparable they are interred. Ideology changes.   In the 19th century, statistics may not use its usefulness before the year 2000. Your indifference curve base on micro statistics powered by imagination can give you the ability through precedent of the eventful situation on your predecessor and tell you what next. Not only by prediction but by forecasting. A prophet may forecast through spiritual imagination that it will rain during the dry season. 
     The realization and actualization of his message prove that his prophetic ability is not in doubt. Every imagination is conscious of time, spiritual consciousness that failed to associate with imagination cannot stand the test of time. Hence imagination and time are subject to prove.

 IMAGINATION IS THE SOURCE                      OF INNOVATION        

  A creative mind is a source of all inspiration, inspirational thought flows from the heart to the brain. Without imaginary thought, there is no innovation. Lack of innovation, there wouldn’t be any need for invention. In every well-enabling environment to grow viable commerce and industry, we need innovation. Innovation gave birth to new technology through the numeric value of every production by inventor the story centered on innovation, inspiration, thought, drive, burning passion, label artistic display. constitute the theory of new invention.


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