NEWSLETTER 1
 A million-day journey have a starting point, one undeniable fact is that every unknown destination has a stopover, a mission to succeed has challenges. Transformation may pass through the test. Vigorous energy and capability may not determine success.

 In sequence, one of the parameters that success is a good strategy and tested logistics. One big question stock into my head and refuse to respond to answer, I often ask myself, over and over again, can train travel 1000 kilometers per hour on ice land, I wouldn't know though as soon as is practicable. Train travel on land at 350 km/h.
 Individual life is dominated by different dreams, aspirations, visions. The Source of inspiration cannot be the same, so my vision on earth may not tally with yours. We are all in the world for a purpose, procrastination, forecasting is all part of life. The only thing humans cannot do without in the world, as an economist we must source for food, "food is an essential commodity of life".
 A train that took off from the train station this morning may not foresee that in 45 minutes of the journey ice may fall in millions on the rail they travel through, yet they must get to their destination unhurt.   In the school of life until we get to the destination we need to think and there be constructive criticisms within oneself for positive change. You need to do great things own a legit conglomeration of companies, the harbor of ships. The divine converter inside us must be capable of turning our negative thought to positive thought, "THROUGH MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF SUCCESS".
 Within the contemporaneous analytical analysis of antecedent and precedence. I discovered that every generation has a vision, scientific researchers is a continuous school of thought, that has no bounds to make out success in order to meet up with global challenges. Within the theoretical motive of human, we must work ahead of time.

Globalization is a heritage for development through social media practitioners we can now communicate with millions of our target audience per day. The days of fantasy are over. Every train station does have a starting point, a train will not stop until it gets to its a destination point, and I have never seen a train reversing from the rail on motion, they forge ahead without stopping
Legacy is what we leave behind or inherited. A legacy can only become an inheritance for an intelligent person, that has the wisdom who will give value to the content of his heritage this will make the legacy stand out. The significance of a property is not yet known until it’s valued by the right mechanism. People hold money I mean legal tender, either for precautionary motives, or speculative motives. The discrepancy in the motive where the money is being held makes it real that individual differences, personal orientation are not the same your motive cannot be my motives so there Is a reason for every decision under the sun.

As I’ve rightly said for every effective transformation there must be a radical change. Collecting tickets, we entered the same train going to Edinburgh that doesn’t that our mission in Edinburgh is the same.
Different people different ideologies, different orientations computing the overall challenges in the whole world can make a machine sick, so in every life application we need to treasure wisdom, this will enable us to overcome challenges without stress.

In order to satisfy my curiosity by imagination, I created within my self-imagery, seeing prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix entering a train that will travel 1000 km/h. Even when ice and snow, took over the railway we are still heading to the destination.


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