To perfect or made perfect, you need to discover yourself. Self-discovery is an additional factor to grow what God has given to you to develop. This theory envelop what is in you 

       Meaning of Divine perfection: Divine perfection is the ability to make things work In the right direction from heaven. The reality of turning impossibility to possibility from creation. See Genesis 1 vs 1-4. Darkness was upon the face of the deep and the darkness turns to light because God separated the light from the darkness.
        The beauty of Divine perfection is when the long term expectations turn to manifestation by the reason of the Trinity in heaven with the support of the 24 elders on the throne. The purpose of this reality is that man was not created for cosmetics idea but for a supernatural power of control over things made by God. We are created in his likeness for purpose.


If you are not Spiritually inclined, you cannot understand the things of the spirit. See 1st Corinthians 1 vs 18-20. God is a Spirit, the Father lives in the son, the son dwells in the spirit. He conforms to the spiritual encounter in the physical after some action might have taken place in the spiritual. 

Restructuring of one’s journey depends on the level of your inclination to things of spirit by the reason of the anointing that builds. God is a great builder.  The fact of this mental analysis is not far fetched; the blind of Shilom, Christ split molded another eye for him while Naman was asked to go and bath in Jordan. 
      Mr. A prayer point may not be tangential with Mr. B prayer; for the brethren to experience Divine perfection from God Almighty, you need to surrender your totality to God, trust, and hope in God.

                   SIGNIFICANCE OF HIS                        MANIFESTATION

Go with the study with your analytical mind, lend me your ears dear brethren, from the starting point to the sky for a positive change, for growth and the beginning of another era. The dispensation of grace, the his gave birth to gospel global crusade of our Lord Jesus Christ. See Matthew 24 vs 1 downward
      Resurrection is an act of change that usher in deliverance depending on the individual point of view while another school of thought does not reason in that perspective. Driving design is given to an individual for positive change.

This theory will not only design our lives but will reshape our lives for positive change for the manifestation of divine perfection.  People do ask; how do I perfect the theory of mechanisms giving to me in a way that will glorify God? The answer is not farfetched, you need to go into prayers by revelation through a prophet. 


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