In every college of performing art, artist, famous legendary. The amount of ovation they receive while performing may likely determine their level of Fame, being famous through your chosen carrier cannot be determined by the genius. Within the larger society I.e the public, what do they say about you? What do people think about you?         


  The synchronization depends on the actor or actress’s ability to apply functional physical ideology using the right tools for the right job. The world operates under a global village that gives room for healthy competitions. When the ovation was loudest, a right thinker will keep to the good track record.            

It’s possible for a generation to recycle over inherited ovation, pass from one generation to another. This continuity becomes homogeneous know by their target audience, even when they are no more on stage, people still remember them for their good work. 

The following precipient factor must be considered for the continuity of an inherited great ovation. This cut across the coast, it’s also known as an intercontinental breakthrough. You must have a burning passion, base on personal interest. Your personal interest must be of great benefit to mankind. The level of inspirational excellent spirit becomes therapy for successful performance. A pastor can later father an incoming erudite preacher, so also an actor, heir apparent can become a great filmmaker. It may be an overemphasize empathy, to say “OVATION CAN BE MEASURE”

 In my school of thought I prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix discovered that there is no permanent pragmatic meter, parameter, statistics to measure ovation. For the fact or the undeniable fact of this depends on the result of your target audience. A writer of an article cannot predict the level of ovation he would receive from his work. People often say leave the stage when the ovation is loudest. 

  Insight into your career becomes a personal orientation. The level of your insight means you know the reason while you are in a particular office, this makes you a great career officer. Every constructive criticism by the lovers of your work, you need to see it as a restructuring mechanism for personal development. This will make you a master, a technocrat in your profession. Variety, creativity, level of intellectualism that will make you work without much supervision. Everybody God has given talent. “YOU ARE THE NEXT GENIUS”       

  To set a great track record. Al little bit to the left, a little bit to the right, you must focus, passion, the drive is an additional factor to grow your performance on stage. Look at the geographical configuration setting of the whole world, different people, different backgrounds. We are not the same. What is obtainable somewhere else in the larger society may not be obtainable in another area. So you need to study your environment. Environmental influence if used judiciously will have a positive effect on your mission.

The stage is very large while the audience is numerous, among the enormous audience, your audience is waiting for you out there. “ITS TIME FOR OVATION LETS GO TO THE STAGE”


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