Anatomy of human existence on the surface of Earth is anchored to dream. Most people don’t believe in a dream, the dream is when you sleep and found yourself in an uncontrollable imagination I.e goes beyond ordinary.


Ship travel far with a crew of passengers or goods on board. When you sail on board ship, at times it may take months before getting to a destination or where the ship belt and stopover. The most significant aspect of sailing, the ship captain goods have a direction. The high sea experience is great when you got to the middle of the sea, everything crowd the water looks like a sky very vast. 
The philosophical call and psychological view are different, some believe that dream on the high sea is a mere fantasy. The sea plays a significant role in creation. Sometimes the position we find ourselves may be different for the purpose of our existence. 

Let’s take a look at forensic integral parts of life, life, and social-cultural environment Dream on high sea may likely turn a sailor to merchandise, a captain to the cleric. 

Years back I met a sailor turn merchandise. He said; he did not only turn to merchandise overnight but he had a dream while on board on the high sea. God revealed unto him to locate an island which he later seek for directions. Our journey in life must have a centre of direction. When we were at the turning point, we need to seek for spiritual direction. When he located the place, he saw valuable resources needed to be shipped to an area where it will be produced to production. As time pass, they become the producers and today on the profiteering global mission. The value of those resources turns him into a rich person.
      Every software is for a purpose, the purpose if properly managed becomes a source of income.  Dream on board, the sea is a blessing ability to dissect the message for practical use, makes you the next great person. Every ship is digitalized to combat challenges on the high sea. The days of analog are gone.  For every effective operational system, we equally needed a  qualified crew that operates the gadgets for a smooth sail. 
      Navigation experts are not the only one that knows that ship can gallop on the high sea yet they have a safe sail to destination. A bilateral agreement between two cooperate body centred on mutual understanding equity in other to modernize their products and be able to compete with competitors in the world. 
     While on the high sea, you can develop a new ideology even in your cabin you can write a brainstorming article that will rebrand the generation of ours for positive change.  The caricature of human behavioral can’t be underestimated, different direction objectives can’t be the same.
     Hence, we need to treasure our dream. Most visionaries had a dream ahead of their vision. For ships not to rigmarole, a radar is mounted on board for direction. By modesty or trance, our prosperous mission must centre anchored on human insight radar. One 1/4 of the storyline may not be capable to compete without a dream


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