Heaven was structured by God, the geographical expression of heaven is known to be compared of. He said I created heaven and earth Genesis 1 vs 1-4. God is the architect that structures heaven, the owner and the Manufacturer of talents and intelligence cannot lack.

         His magnificence powers prove beyond doubt, he established heaven for the comfort of his loyal angels and saints, no wonder he is omnipotent God Revelation 21 vs 1-2.God is the only personalty the can build a perfect entity, pavilion of God abode in heaven was designed by the exceptional abilities of the trinity, and angels in heaven.

          We need to see how the geographical structure of heaven works, let’s take a look at the following:

 1) The geographical configuration of heaven

 2) Architectural design

 3) Heavenly Treasure

 4) office of sentry


        The geographical expression of heaven stand out above all other structures on earth which is biblically established that by the reasons of heaven administrative office. Heaven commissioned 24 elders of the throne for continuous worship purpose, melody from song make the palace of God more lively. What a great! God Revelation 19 vs 1. 
From the gate to the throne every place was sparkling and glittering like a diamond precious stone, the ground was in gold sapphire of different ornaments.

Am talking from personal experience as a prophet, I prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix has seen this in a trance or Vision several occasions, the building is made of expensive stone yet to be discovered on Earth by prominent geologist.  Heaven is saturated with brighter days no nights, what a wonderful God.        


          Heaven was planned and structured by God before the creation of the earth, the convenience of every abode in heaven, such a plan is not in our world, heaven operates under digitalize structure beyond human imagination. God fellowship center in heaven is unique beyond expression, what a great God.

           Atmospheric condition in heaven is spiritually regulated by God to suit heavens inhabitants 


     Heaven is dominated and Saturated with numerous inestimable treasures that are not yet discovered by any anthropologist or geologist. Varieties of God-given species as in jewels, gold, diamond, frankincense, almond tree. etc. This variety is non to be compared of.
Originality in each treasure in heaven is not comparable, heaven fundamental structure has an organized plan by the power of the holy ghost. “FOR THE BEST TO COME LETS FELLOWSHIP WITH OUR CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY”.


   Heaven has a platform that disseminate information through heaven’s spiritual transmitters to the heavenly citizenry. The sentries stand at the gate for cross-examination for those that are qualified to obtain heaven citizenship. This sentries neither sleep nor slumber, they have the record of individual activities on earth on the palm of their hands. So you need not talk, they already know the truth.  

     In other words, they are also referred to as the heavenly watchmen. They control the tower and time in heaven. WHAT A UNIQUE PLAN!!!


The administrative organization of heaven has functional activities established through the spiritual inclination of the Trinity by the spiritual accord. If angel Micheal is a warlord, angel Gabriel is in charge of good news while angel Raphael and Uriel and some other angels are in charge of sun and rain. Am talking as a prophet in my own perspective by absolute privilege conferred on me through the holy ghost by the mercy of Almighty God. 

    They don’t usurp each other responsibilities neither do they abrogate power unto themselves. Powers are distributed on the principle of Trinity checks and balances. Heaven is a place of peace, mercy, grace, this is established in the book of Revelation 12 vs 10.


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