Psychology of cognitive reasoning proved beyond doubt that opinion, ideology can be shared. Monopoly of ideology cannot stand the test of time. Views and different perspectives, logical or illogical is a road map to practical analysis. Every right thinker believed that if we come together and build an empathy college of thought, this will help in building a well-enabling organisation. Before a research project is accepted within the wider scope of the society, it must be tested, proved beyond imaginary thoughts /p>



A teacher of psychology was delivering a lecture in the lecture theatre hall this morning before teaching concerning the objective of the subject. He placed a question, the question becomes a subject of discussion for the day. From the discussion, so many ideas are coming in. This teaching technique is a brainstorming ideology that takes people from unknown to known. WHAT A GREAT PRINCIPLE!!!

We need to take into cognisance that learning ability is not the same both the fast learners and slow learners have something great to offer. The learning process is a continuous process. The cognitive reason if properly adhered to is one of the mechanisms that powered intelligence. 

Empathy college of thought is a centre for developmental analytical analysis, theories, ethics that can compete in a modern world. One of the etiquettes of learning process is to learn from others. No river can become an island unto himself so also no nation can exist in isolation, every river has a source(CONCEPT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE).

Veteran geographer will not abandon the old map. Contour-geography in map reading, the old map can communicate a message that will make a technocrat architectural guru draw more authentic map.  Great tacticians learn from their predecessors. 

  Conceptual analysis of this on empathy college of thought is to prove the philosophy of pragmatism beyond doubt. As soon as it’s practicable, a theory or applied theory must establish the concept that says “we need to share ideas and learn from others”. 
sometimes, inspirational views of others do become an inspirational teacher, the motivational speech of your mentor is a plus factor which can be instrumental to success. Dimensional theorem based on various discoveries is meant for different situations. What is obtainable in my case study may not be applied in your case study. Different applied mechanisms for different theories. 


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