It has become a natural phenomenon in the history of mankind, various views. I quite agree with those that say wealth is life, seventy per cent of the rich finds it difficult to stop working even at eighty years of age.wer and affluence are the bye products of wealth. Most financial analysts agree that financial status or physical possession of substance of wealth is what makes the body of wealth.     

Within the radius of my faculty of reasoning, I often ask why do octogenarian billionaire go to work.  I ruminate over this often without numbers. Probably to make more money. I later discover that they go to work to keep their brain working. Means the grey hair is an experienced school of thought. A wealthy octogenarian happiest moment in life is to see that his assets, valuables, financial possession are functioning, yielding dividends beyond imagination so they need to go to work. 

       The personality of an octogenarian age who has gotten to the esteem in his business or chosen career. Level of reasoning and perspective, an eighty years man view things differently from how he took decisions when he was young. Nevertheless, they still contribute meaningfully to production through their knowledge, experience they still contribute immensely.

In most cases they allow heir apparent or successor, giving the person an executive power. The man still stands as an adviser to the board for the smooth operation of the organisation.






Wealth is a blessing, wealth is life, our level of intelligent, planning and budgeting, experience. For all this to function for the realisation of our profitable mission, we need capital profitable venture. The starting point is demanding and this requires capital. To be candid, at our youthful life we need good health, vigorous energy and intelligent in our journey to accumulate wealth.

     Wealth is like a sand at the seashore more you try to grab it the more it tries to escape the palm of our hands, hence we need to grab it jealousy. So we need to put our resources together and plan for the future ahead. By embarking on a capital intensive profitable project, so we need to work and safe, safe and invest during the raining moment. Stock, forex, buying and selling and some other professional services that usher in profit.
      Before the octogenarian age, we need to train ourselves in some area that is demanding. A drop makes an ocean. In every capitalist core economy as practicable one must reason on how to turn your stone to gold, ability to discover your virgin island and turn the resources within the Wilder scope of that environment to wealth of Nation.  Is a great ideology.


Octogenarian billionaire work without stress, kudos to the computer age, dynamic generation of the media organizations. People contributed meaningfully to their work. Disseminating, Encoding and decoding of information to the appropriate quarters. At that age, the concept is not only to make more money, as a right thinker but it’s also an ability to train their brain.       No dormant moment for a billionaire yet they still go to clubs, play different games with their friends and relatives. The grey hair becomes an asset to their generation, often people come to them to borrow ideology, especially the upcoming ones, the best question to ask an octogenarian billionaire is; sir how do you get to the peak? I have seen an octogenarian that gives periodical advise on the GDP i.e gross domestic product of his numerous company base on experience. Experience is knowledge, while knowledge is power

 A man wealth cannot be determined by the number of investment he has it can only be determined by the number of PROFITABLE investment he has. So let’s go on capital intensive, profitable project.


I wouldn’t understand the reason why people choose happiness over wealth, I Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix in my own view I strongly believe that wealth creates happiness, without God nothing was made, without God of wealth nothing was made. Nevertheless, wealth is an avenue to build a historical database of success and prosperity that the generation yet unborn will benefit immensely 

The unique aspect of one’s life is to tell the story of how you spend your time, use your resources, God-given endowment before octogenarian age. Owner of a table water industry or distilleries is not leaving as a legacy for the children alone, as an existing organisation through that impact, the unemployed will be employed. Mission to attain goals, stress will be reduced drastically if there is wealth. Where there is wealth, this is a road map to qualitative education without stress, you can make yourself happy if there is wealth, by using money to create an avenue where you will be happy.



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