The word achievement is a broad language that has no limits. We are on earth to actualise a mandate. The journey of man is unknown, achieving what no man has ever achieved makes you a vision carrier.

There’s a reason for every purpose. The global community today, is what people call a global village. I prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix called it a “very big world”
    The mystery of every generation is to turn the unknown substance into wealth. Recoveries and discoveries are the Microsoft and software of uncommon innovations.  Innovations and techniques have no end.Nevertheless, a man wants are insatiable. Philosophical reasoning, the psychology of mindset is like a setting stick for an achiever to achieve a goal. When it becomes a generational golden goal then our names are written in more pronounced ink in the Guinness book of record. Barriers, limitations are the agent of challenges. By the power of infallible theory and applied concepts, Barriers and limitations can be broken. 
    My dream is to achieve what no Prophet has ever achieved







ACHIEVERS MICRO THEOREM: Achievers are the class of unique people with an exceptional ability that operates within the socio-spatial theory of becoming a mogul in their chosen career.  Achieving a great fit at a point in time in every dispensation makes him an achiever. 
      In the days of analogue, the owner of palm kernel industry employs others to break the palm kernel but today someone thinks of using a machine to do the same job, fewer fatigues.  The world has no limit under the sky. We were born to convert our immediate environment for the convenience of man. Before it’s practicable, as soon as is practicable, theories go on scientific examination.

ABILITY TO STAND OUT: Originality is the blueprint of every innovation. Sporadically based on practical thesis, your innovation must be able to stand the test of time. Insight into forensic analysis should not be based on contemporaneous analysis alone.
Questions like;  what if in case the unexpected happens, what will be the future of my new innovation?Hence, you don’t need to compromise or pessimistic, all you need do is to be optimistic that this standard you’re about to achieve most make an impact in the socio-economic world environment or within the larger society, we need to be creative, creativity is the mother of invention.

STATISTICAL INDEX OF ACHIEVER’S CLASS: We are the infinite, our mission is different. We may come from the same background, similar orientation, yet remember the principle of individual difference. This would make you study the index of statistical achievements of your predecessors. 
     However, it can be an insight that opens doors, widows to what is not yet achieved in your generation. The highest level of your achievement is your beginners class. You need not capitalize on this, all though is an objective for setting a new principle concept. 
     Numerologist, their arithmetical calculation of your predecessors if put together is a plus factor to set a goal.

RECORD BREAKER’S: I remembered the story of a little girl that helped the father to hold a stopwatch. The father is a runner, an expert in 100 metres track event. During the father’s track event, the little girl watched the man anytime he’s practising and the time duration of getting to the point of success. In other to satisfy her curiosity she said to the father “am set to break your record” the father answered “the world is you yours”
     History recorded, she did not only break the record of her father but becomes a champion of champions in her generation.Every born visionary is set to break a record. PRINCIPLE OF WINNERS TAKES IT ALL!!! Now let’s get started, IS A VERY BIG WORLD. We need to break a record that will see the limelight in our generation. The Guinness book of record is set to record your name. YOU’RE THE NEXT PERSON!!!

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