My clarion call for change over the years based on experience in the world in other to compete with the global community in every of our endeavours, the trends in every sphere of life is a privilege for dynamic change. Social changes and economy change is an insight for every human to glamour for change.  
    Stakeholders in different organisation solely base on the interest of their organisation embraces changes. The distance between day and night is enough to make a change. People recycle over a practice that has become a status quo which is in a state. To be rest assured there is no system that is irrevocable. 
I prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix strongly believe in positive change through dynamic intelligence. It’s not an understatement or over emphasis by saying “LIFE IS CHANGE”The level of integration between man and change is none to be compared of. The passion for change through drive, will power makes you a great right thinker in your generation. 

     Is obvious that without change there wouldn’t be effective transformation for radical change. Visionary, professionals in different fields, they all glamour for change. Within the wider scope of socio historical culture of mankind, we were all subjected in one time or the other to change. Either economic change or social changes. Building an entity through determination and confidence over the years. What makes the entity a great entity is value and integrity. It may be impossible to achieve this without positive change.

Moreover, a viable industry ageing to increase the propensity nomenclature that will power the industry for a greater turn over. What is acceptable at this moment is success. This could easily be achieved through wells structured reorganization of the whole system by injecting change means “DYNAMIC CHANGE” into the system. This will usher increase, dividends, for the organisation.    

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