Imagination, thought, idea, are the body of content that communicate art. Creativity are not only by imaginary thought but the idea also flows from inspiration. 
Hence, you must be inspirational, Sculpture art, artistic display in theatre art. The architectural design of various types is all part of creative art.

People often ask who is the maker of creative art? The answer is not farfetched. Maker is the originator of Idea that power your ideas into valued content.  

Antiquarian play a major role in the monetization of artwork. Base on my philosophical reasoning, I discovered that art covers every sphere of life. Poet and poetry, artistic display, imaginary thought and afterthought. Have a role to play in creative art. Makers of creative art are those ones that are vast in concept and applied principles that matter in the world of ours today.      

 Antiquity, collection of ancient time antics or artefacts especially from Greek and Romans, By great Antiquarian who stand as an intermediary in between the seller and the buyer, play a great role in monetization of this profiteering mission. 
       Creative arts have gone beyond mere decorations, but build an affinity between man and the world of creativity. The maker of creative arts is not only setting creativity as a means of communicating a message but also as illustration work, or praise, eulogizing of the past hero’s as in poetry.                

  Media, social media channels, through micro statistics, play a great role by giving an application which is instrumental for the promotion of art galleria

In-depth insight into the world of creative art through individual art website. Creativity is the mother of invention, nevertheless, each continent on earth, have a centre for art. Example “AFRICA CENTER FOR ART AND CULTURE”.   

Art has become a pride of each continent.
       “CREATIVE ART IS THE BEST” Who is the maker of creative art. The maker of creative art is the author of creative art.


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