In every capital intensive investment of any viable organization, one of the organised operandi is in the applied concept of converting company asset to liquidity instead of borrowing.

The company bought some asset that will appreciate within the scope of a period needed. Money creates money, this reasonable method makes a developing company to grow into multinational company today.

    We need to take volatility into cognisance before trading with the capital raised to restructure and generate more revenue for the company volatility. In actual definition, ability to defined or study the degree variation of trading prices.

When the price of security is lower or higher, measured by standard derivation through reliable statistic data for effective fundamental restructuring.




TRADE BALANCE: Restructuring concept works toward a goal. Your objective must be considered specially when you’re investing. Inputting the  product of capitalisation into a business inorder to be organised. The focus of every investors is profiteering to make more money

   Hence, the cost of input and output must be considered, integration of your company capital or proceeds based on management decision must be on balance equation I.e trade balance offers dividends, time consciousness, duration of months involved centered on profit and loss account. You need to bank into your mindset before investing for profitable venture.
Without doubt, if the outcome favours the corporate organisation that are involved as output, it will not only expand the organization but put smiles on the face of the workers, capitalisation is the best for now. LET’S GO….

               ASSET & STOCK

 I often ask myself, how do I trade my asset and stock to make more profit ? This are the basic techniques in capitalisation. We need to trade and make more liquidity to be fully established.

   Time consciousness is a parameter that determines when to invest or not. Selling of assets and buying of asset is also applicable to stock business. You bid for stock and grow your business organizations without stress. This required intelligence and professionalism. 
  Be a dream maker, a vision builder. Let’s overcome every odds and forge ahead. We are the economist, LETS APPLY APPLIED ECONOMIC MECHANISM FOR POSITIVE CHANGE AND EFFECTIVE TRANSFORMATION. 
Is imminence for better tomorrow. The journey starts from you.

           MARKET INDEX

Certain percipient factors needed to be considered as a determinant concept which ought to be applied as a basic theory of restructuring.
 An insight into the market, variation in prices of products or commodities through a concept that I call; “WINDOW SURVEY & VISIBILITY STUDY“.  This is a makeshift that opens insight for when to invest and when not to invest. Although, market index is not static due to consumer behavioural change for every effective radical transformation. We need to apply basic theories through empathy college of thoughts, concept of right thinkers. 
    By practice and adoption of this philosophical reasoning is a plus factor that will enable a growing industry or company to compete effectively with global village. 
Communication of one’s concept, product through media techniques. Building an effective human relations within the chain of distribution will incurred profits, dividends to the company. 
Futuristic analysis that powered the vision of an organisation to reality is capitalisation. BEST SOLUTION THAN BORROWING CONCEPT!!!

If the borrowing rate is higher, it may or possibly affect the affective domain of the organization. Acquisition of asset and stock, complete capitalisation is a way to flow liquidity within the system. LETS GO CAPITALISATION.


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