Everything under the sun is subject to change, different dispensation, different age. Our creator, when he saw the world was without form, darkness covered the faces of the deep (Genesis chapter 1). prophetically, spiritually he ministered he said let there light and there was light. 





Let’s take a careful look at the geo configuration at the global village, by micro statistics the world is neither round nor flat but spherical in nature. Naturally endowed with resources that go beyond human imagination.  The beauty of the galaxy of stars in heaven sequence orderliness of stars goes beyond the intelligent of intellectual ability of man. 

         As I rightly said everything under the sun is subject to the wind of change, in every lineage a vision carrier with an astonishing performance becomes heir apparent to the throne. To be objective, King is not yet known neither the Queen not until he emanates. It’s in the wind until manifestation, the next great person is not known, not until hereafter.           

  Ability to overcome the storm in the wind makes you the next great person. Nobody has ever become an island unto himself. We cannot live in the world of monopoly of knowledge and perfection. The crystalline river behind the ocean of success has a source.

Homogeneity of a legal tender is not known to a toddler until he understands it’s usefulness, every human is relevant not until you discover your mission on earth. Your burning desire for great commission makes you a visionary.

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