Prophecy for year 2021 by G.O Dasagom(prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix)



As a prophet in my generation, all my prophecies since when God called me are accurate. I predicted unusual happenings last year and everything related to this happened. You can check for our last year’s prophecy.


  1. By the power of prophetic ministration, Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry will be flagged in seven countries of the world.
  2. Terrorism will advance to a stage of sporadic bombing across the country.
  3. Our next Presidential aspirant will come from the South; a male president, while the Vice president will be a female from the core North – this is a sign to know the Godsent, for fundamental restructuring; if privileged, come 2023 presidential election — Nigeria will be among developing nations if the world.
  4. The northern caliphate will implement some rules and regulations in order to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country but their decision will not hold.
  5. Ritualism will use another dimension in the year 2021, they will become a tactician, so children of God need to be extraordinarily careful.
  6. Robbery will increase in the year 2021, we need to pray against spiritual robbery and physical robbery.
  7. There will be platforms to borrow money in Nigeria in 2021, without marketable collateral security – abundance by grace and mercy for those that serve God wholeheartedly.
  8. The power of darkness has thrown down the red flag of battle in the year 2021 but we the children of God should remain steadfast in commitment to serve God.
  9. In the first two months in the year 2021, there will be a total breakthrough in Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry
  10. President Buhari will allow trade across northern borders based on personal interest.
  11. So many stars will rise in 2021. I said in the year 2020 that so many celebrities will die and it eventually happened. This occurrence is due to the connection to an adulatory shrine, God said they should retrace their steps In the year 2021 to avert the wrath of God in their lives.
  12. God has given us the key to build so many houses in Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry in 2021 – we are The Wealth Of All Nations.
  13. We’ve passed through many challenges and today we are singing a new song, God said we should count those years of challenges that he will bless us with those blessings that have evaded us.
  14. If you don’t rewrite your family history, nobody will rewrite it in another 100 years that is what God said during the seven days crusade – and by spiritual direction, we shall possess our possession. Come 2021, we possess our possession.
  15. One prominent Nigeria pastor will die in 2021.
  16. No matter how hard the year might be, the children of Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel Ministry Inc will survive it, also those that trust in God.
  17. President Buhari will favor the northerners, the southwest and the southeast will bear the burden if we fail to prepare for this eventuality.
  18. NIGERIA will eventually separate but not this year, despite lots of agitations from different regions to secede.
  19. Anyone you are not familiarized with, do not follow the person anywhere outside your geographical region – this is a warning for Divine Ark Of Salvation Gospel ministry Members
  20. There will be a lot of reshufflement in the government of President Buhari, which is mandatory, if not there will be a crack in the wall and water will not hold.
  21. In the year 2021, communities, villages, towns, will go digital.



By G.O Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola

  1. Americans have to take caution in their political decisions, so that the superpower nation will not rob them of their glory, as the Lord liveth; so says the Lord.
  2. Another deadly disease in disguise will saturate the world with a pandemic which people will believe that it is coronavirus in disguise.
  3. An incident will happen in 2021 that would shake the whole world but to be rest assured that Divine Ark Of Salvation Members are saved with those that trust in God; together we’ll survive it all.
  4. The whole world will go on spiritual digitalization in the year 2021. Spirituality will take a new dimension beyond human imagination all we need to do is focus on God – in God we trust, Divine Ark Of salvation Gospel Ministry.
  5. Suicide rate will increase.

6 The Chinese economy will be solid; able to compete with great economies of the world.



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