Beauty of our great Nation

Nation of the brave and intellects From south down mesopotamia.

We are the giants.

Frivolous mistakes of our past heroes, passion to play a big brother role Like a movie star on Elizabethans theatre stage in Rome will give the barbarian part of our fallow arable farm land.

Tears roles down the river bank. Segilola refused to be consoled.

Iroko tree who ought to shelter our people are harbouring the enemy as the rain of tears couldn’t help the ignominy of myopic generation.

Trees are murmuring, soliloquizing. Domestic goat refuse to cry based on sober reflection. Goats are far away from yam 

Commodities goes skyrocketing beyond the reach of our people. 

Culture conflict cow and their elephant descend on farm produce.

Our integrity is in jeopardy. Misery beyond imaginary thought.

Our collectables were taken to unknown destination. 

Where is the spirit of our forefathers that fought the longest war in the history of the black. 

Oh! We suck the breast of our mother.
The trouble is not is our destiny but trusted into our star.
Remember when they insulted and assault our wives donkey years ago. our forefathers resist and conquer the aggression.

Murderers are masquerading as leaders. Far away I can hear the sound of war!
The unblical cord of unity is broken. We are being marginalized and ill dominated by self acclaimed movies  producers (Product of disruptions )

Hmmn let’s pray heaven of prophet take away this irrevocable curse! 
Siege they are chanting war slogans “If nakedness promise u clothes wouldn’t u ask what is your name?” 

We can stop this impeding sound of war. Let’s do the needful!        

    From my holies of holies during Halloween moment…

 Written by; prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix.