All About the ministry; Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry (INC).

The word ‘Divine’ means from Above. Divine Ark of Salvation Gospel Ministry INC came alive through a powerful revelation. The revelation is part of our books titled: How I come across the Ark . Divine ark of salvation gospel ministry Inc is also known as Ark of all Nation’s.

The revelation took prophet Olumuyidele 7 consecutive days in trance without food and water. Our primary objective is to eradicate poverty, set the captive free, healing and deliverance through prophetic ability. Health is wealth, no wonder our motto is Wealth of all Nation’s. we so much focus on evangelism to the body of Christ.

We believe in signs and wonders. Isaiah 8 vs 18.

Divine ark of salvation gospel ministry Inc. Our CAC/IT No 36158.

Prophet Olumuyidele Daramola Felix is a born Visionary. He has a burning passion to contribute to the welfare of the less privileged and make them useful in every sphere of life. He so much focus on how to industrialized the ministry to the benefit of humanity.

The less privileged if given equal opportunity or if opportune, they will contribute immensely, scientifically, technically and socio economic development to the nation. They too will be able to meet up with global challenges.